The Enviable Senior Package: Outside Dining and Driving


Tanner Adams

Delighted Dubs: Seniors Zoe Hall, Ava Tomlin, Kate Davis, Trinitii Baggett, Carl Alexander, and Curran Mitra know well of the benefits of their senior privileges, including daily outside lunch.

Want to know how it feels to have the sweet benefits of being a senior? Well, look no further, because here, seniors will break down the benefits they receive in their last year as high school students. Whether that is being able to eat outside every day, or simply just being able to drive your own car to and from school, the perks of being a senior are certainly worth the wait. Being able to dine outside during lunch was so popular, in fact, that even freshmen and sophomores wanted a taste of eating out in the sun. So, everyone grab your lunches and keys to your mother’s old SUV, and take a nice stroll to our alfresco dining at school. Let’s step in the shoes of a senior at North Atlanta.

Now as some students may know, eating outside has not always been a privilege open to the senior class. A few years back, the school did try outdoor lunch for the seniors, and it did not work out how it was supposed to go. 12th Grade Assistant Principal Jill Stewart spoke on how outdoor lunches were in the past. “We had first originally tried the idea with another senior class but they did not do very well with having the privilege to be outside,” said Ms. Stewart. 

Seniors themselves went from riding the bus or taking carpool, to rolling out in style out at the parking deck. Senior Kate Nelson shared her feeling of being able to drive on her own and the experience of driving through the parking deck. “I can leave when I want to and not have to wait on my parents to take me to school,” said Nelson.

Now, eating outside is not completely new to the school, but it is new for it to be available to seniors every day of the week. Of course, this works well with regard to social distancing measures, but everyone has their own outlook on outdoor eating. Senior Cepeda Kilgore shared his thoughts on eating outside. “Eating outside is cool and all but I wished that the seniors could leave to go get food, and then come back,” said Kilgore. “That would be tough.”

From the multiple possibilities that are opening up for the seniors, outside eating and driving freedoms are among the most popular for these Dubs. With this being one of the most important school years of their career before they reach adulthood, one thing for sure is that these parts of their senior experience will be one to look back on.