The Dubs’ Late Night Show: Insider Tips from the Most Sleep-Deprived Warriors


Tanner Adams

Dozing Dubs: Juniors Powers Carpenter, Ryan Hohenstein, and Caroline Edwards take a much needed snooze in class after a night of staying up into the late hours.

If there’s one thing that the Dubs have mastered, it’s the art of staying up way too late. The suggested amount of sleep for high schoolers is eight to ten hours every night. But with a mountain of homework and numerous extracurriculars, the typical rest period for students at North Atlanta is much less. Just how do these sleep-deprived kids stay up into the wee hours of the night? Here are some tips and tricks from the best (and sleepiest) Warriors.

It must be acknowledged that there is a cohort of students at North Atlanta that somehow manage to get in bed at a reasonable time every night. But, let’s be clear, this group is most definitely the minority of the student body. For most, going to bed before midnight is an achievement. “My average bedtime on a school night is around 1:00 am, and I wake up at 7:15 every morning, so I tend to get about 6 hours of sleep each night,” said junior and extremely sleep-deprived student, Addie Nash. “I just can’t help it with cheer practice, loads of homework, and, admittedly, a pretty good amount of procrastination.”

Averaging six hours of sleep every night is not for the faint of heart. A student whose bedtime ranges between 12 am and 3 am needs to know the tricks of the trade. Good thing we’ve got some of the best tips used by North Atlanta students themselves. Caffeine is a go-to for many Dubs whether that may be soda, tea, or coffee. But for those who aren’t a caffeine fanatic, there are other effective tips students suggest. “Personally, I think listening to music and taking a dance break helps keep my eyes open,” said Nash. “Preparing a late-night snack or taking a shower will also do the trick.” 

Nash isn’t the only student staying up until the early morning. However, there are some students who have mastered the ability to not procrastinate (What?! Teach the Dubs your ways, please!). In doing so, these students are able to indulge in earlier bedtimes and much more sleep. “I got to bed around 9-9:15 every night,” said junior Ben Song. “I get up at 5:25 am so I can hit the gym before school. My early wake-up call requires an early bedtime.” 

So just how does Song stick to such a shocking, yet extremely impressive bedtime? “I try to get my homework done early and avoid procrastinating as much as I can,” said Song. “My biggest tip for those trying for an earlier bedtime would be to put your phone, the biggest distraction, on the opposite side of your house while doing your homework.” 

So, Dubs, you heard it here first. If an earlier bedtime is simply not in the cards for you, grab that caffeine and get to work. But for those desperate for a good night’s rest, swap the phone time for some extra Z’s. And most importantly, devise a plan to improve upon extreme procrastination (which you’ll surely get around to… tomorrow). Sleep tight Warriors!