The Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Fall!


Se'Lah Robinson

Fall Lovers: Juniors Ethan Holcomb, Layla Reeves, and Amir Stevenson know one thing for certain: Fall is the best time of the year!

For Dubs like myself, getting through the cold of winter, the humidity of spring, and the heat of summer can be tough. Hot conditions aren’t for all of us, but neither are the shiver-inducing conditions of the cold. But then we have our yearly holy grail: fall. After what felt like forever, summer is finally over and now the best time of the year (respectfully) is here. The fall equinox occurred on September 22nd this year, kicking off the start of a season that gives sun and snow a happy medium. As the leaves turn red, more and more activities come to life in celebration of fall. Here are some things Dubs can do this fall, other than homework of course.

Autumn delivers mild sunlight and cool air, temperatures that are perfect for long days of activities. Friends can spend the day at the Georgia State Fair ($10.00 tickets!), home to pig races and monkeys riding dogs in the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Pettit Creek Farms in Cartersville is home to the Pumpkin Fest, an annual event with a corn maze, hayride, and many animal attractions. On October 28, Atlanta Botanical Gardens is holding their annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Anyone looking to participate can sign up through the website, or if you’re looking to watch, you can visit the gardens through daily admission, which costs $22.95. “I love carving pumpkins, but if there’s anything better than that it’s Halloween,” says junior Anita Williams. 

What’s one of, if not the, best thing about fall? You guessed it. It’s Halloween. A holiday where people of all ages dress in costumes for a night, October 31st is a day that can grant you the best night of the year. If trick or treating in your neighborhood is not on the agenda this year, try getting your spook on elsewhere. Six Flags is home to Fright Fest, an event that celebrates Halloween with haunted houses and other attractions, along with live actors roaming and scaring park goers. If roller coasters aren’t your forte, other seasonal haunted attractions include haunted escape rooms at Escape Woods in Powder Springs and Camp Blood in Carrollton. Netherworld in Stone Mountain, Containment Haunted House in Lithia Springs, and 13 Stories in Newnan are worthy haunted houses in Georgia. Remember, the farther it is, the more fun it will be.

Hopefully this autumn you’ll indulge in eating candy apples and sweet potato pie, or maybe drinking Pumpkin Spice coffee and apple cider-based drinks. A season perfect for bonding and building friendships and relationships, Dubs should definitely participate in at least one or two festivities. Fall and Thanksgiving Break give us even more to love about fall, providing us plenty of time to participate in festivities. As they say, time passes in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, it will be time to open presents on Christmas.