It’s Fall, Ya’ll! Dubs Share Their Favorite Fall Traditions


Ella Kaufman

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: Junior Sophie Haines tries out a new Starbucks fall drink, the Apple Crisp Macchiato, and enjoys an old favorite, the Pumpkin Chai Latte.

Pumpkin spice, cooler nights, and everything nice. With the autumnal equinox past us, Dubs are quickly adjusting their vibe to match everything fall. Favorite traditions are making a return on and off campus as the leaves turn brown this autumn. 

Each year as soon as the clock strikes fall, Dubs rush off to Starbucks, the wildly popular hotspot for seasonal drinks. Whether you like a nice cold brew or a piping hot cup, NAHS students’ favorite coffee shop has a diverse range of pumpkin-flavored beverages to get you through first period with fall cheer (and a jolt of caffeine). Since the release of spooky season drinks on August 24th, there has been no shortage of Starbies cups in sight around campus.  “I usually keep a reminder on my phone for when the fall drinks come out each year,” said junior Sophie Haines. “My go-to is a Pumpkin Chai Latte with whipped cream. You can’t tell me it doesn’t taste like a ripe pumpkin!” 

Besides a toasty latte, what else could you possibly need to craft an Instagram-worthy fall day? A cute outfit, obviously! Fall fashion is showing up in full storm at NAHS, with some of the trendiest dressers leading the pack with chunky sweaters fresh off the rack at Urban Outfitters, or a stylish knit sweater vest inspired by the coolest NYC fashionistas. “I have been really into oversized fall fashion this season,” said senior Anna Yoder. “If I’m going out on an October weekend, I like to pair my favorite distressed boyfriend jeans with a knit sweater for the ideal fall look.”

With outfit evolution comes a change of scenery, and the most fall-oriented Dubs have no shortage of ideas for Pinterest-inspired October outings this year. From adorable pumpkin patches to yummy orchards to confusing corn mazes, NAHS fall lovers never fall short at scouting out ideal locations to turn their fall dreams into reality. “My family and I go to Burt’s Pumpkin Patch every single year at the beginning of October,” said Junior Anna Larsen. “We carve some pumpkins and use the others to make roasted pumpkin seeds. Everyone agrees they are the best snack of the holiday season.” 

As the months change, so do the moods and habits of the most seasonally in-tune Dubs. With the earlier setting of the sun comes a crisp fall breeze, reminding us to put on a cute sweater, head to the closest Starbucks, and watch the multicolored leaves fall from the high-reaching trees of NAHS. Whether you couldn’t care less about what flavor latte is up next on the secret menu, or you are a fall fanatic who can’t get enough of everything orange and knit, the Dubs have enough fall spirit to share Fall-tastic vibes all season long.