Watch Your Step! These Are the Student Approved Stairwell Standards


Alexis Lubow

It’s The Climb: Sophomore Alexis Lubow outlines the paramount rules of the mighty eleven stairways. You heard it here first: Right is right, stop stopping, and hunt or be hunted. Happy climbing, Warriors!

Beating the rush of hundreds of students in the stairwell is a task that only a few can tackle, so who is up for the climb? There are quite a few rules to live by regarding the notorious stairs of NAHS. Keep reading to discover the various do’s and dont’s of the mighty eleven stairways.

Rule #1 is a well-known golden rule: Right is RIGHT. If you stay on the right side of the stairs, you won’t bump into any unsuspecting peers that are trying to get to class. Despite being an underclassman, sophomore Carter Rose understands this paramount rule. “Right is, in fact, right. Don’t mess with the flow!” he said.

Next, the stairs are not a designated social spot, so make sure to keep it moving. While we all love to spend time with fellow Dubs, there are other places and times to catch up than in the stairwells during transition periods. So, Rule #2: Stop stopping. Nothing is as important as getting to your floor. After all, making it to class on time is life or death, people! “Other students stop walking up, and it makes the stairwell feel really claustrophobic,” said sophomore Chloe Walker. “I’m a tiny human, so it’s hard to forge through!”

Finally, Rule #3: Hunt or be hunted. Not literally, of course, but if students actually want to get to class in the mighty 11 stories (and avoid angering the busy upperclassmen), they are going to have to climb with a cause. Get. To. Class. (And do not dare to be late). There is an alternate option that is available, but it is to be used with caution: The elevator. Sophomore English teacher Dandra McPhail said, “The most important thing for me as a teacher is that our students actually arrive at their classes with time to spare. Whichever option works fastest is the way to go.”

At the end of the day, or, in better terms, the end of fourth period, staying safe and savvy in between classes (and stairwells) is the most important aspect of a student’s day. Go get ‘em, Dubs!