Drop Everything Now… And Listen to Fearless (Taylor’s Version)


Elizabeth Ackerman

New Taylor Swift album is “Untouchable”: Swift’s re-release of famed album “Fearless” is one you don’t want to miss.

If you’re not living under a rock you know that singing sensation Taylor Swift has dominated the pop culture world for more than a decade. With nine total albums, Swift has been a fan favorite since she hit the charts in 2006. Her most recent album, however, is different from the past sellouts we know “All Too Well.” Instead of new songs, it is composed of re-recordings of past album Fearless, altogether making up the spectacular Taylor’s Version.

The background behind the masterpiece that is Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is not as great as the album itself. Like most successful artists, Swift was under the control of a record label, specifically Big Machine Records. But when it was purchased by music manager Scooter Braun’s company Ithaca Holdings, Braun became in control of most of Swift’s work. Swift left the record label, but still did not own her music. 

Swift was upset, and rightfully so. So in a girlboss act of defiance, she decided to re-record all of the albums she did not own. That way, every time someone played one of her versions she would make all the profit. “Better Than Revenge” if you ask me. And just like that, on April 9, 2021, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) was born. “I’m obsessed with the re-recording album,” said junior Grace Hardison. “It’s so cool to hear her unreleased songs and empowering to see her regain control of her voice and music.”

Despite the universal excitement over the re-recording drop, some Swifties prefer to stick to the OGs. These faithful fans favor younger Taylor’s version, many arguing that the youthful lyrics have more meaning while the singer was actually in that point of her life. It’s definitely easier to empathize with teenage Taylor singing about freshman year of high school in hit single “Fifteen” than a Taylor double that age. “The old versions make me nostalgic and remind me of my childhood,” said junior, and avid Swiftie, Addie Nash. “The new versions are still good but don’t have that same effect.”

Other Taylor fanatics argue that her more mature voice makes the lyrics even more sentimental and meaningful. Many stans believe that regardless of your preference, you should still listen to Taylor’s Version as a sign of true loyalty to Taylor. “Any true fan would listen to the re-recordings to support Taylor instead of Scooter,” said junior Nicole Stevens.

Currently, the Taylor Nation has been anxiously awaiting the release of her next re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version). While some fans prefer the tried and true original albums, Swift stans and skeptics alike can agree that the Taylor’s Version releases are a step in the right direction towards Swift’s “Forever & Always” undeniable success.