A Field Trip for Democracy: Rock the Vote! 


Education and Entertainment: Held at Mercedes Benz Stadium, the ‘Rock the Boat!’ field trip provided APS upperclassmen with an opportunity to learn about the importance of voting and democracy, all the while having a great time.

Brought to you by Atlanta Public Schools and AMB Sports Entertainment is a trip that educates and is worth the fun: Say hello to ‘Rock the Vote!’ Juniors and seniors from APS schools celebrated National Voter Registration Day at the Home Depot Backyard of the Mercedes Benz Stadium. On September 28, 2021, a handful of Warriors were lucky to be in attendance for this celebration of democracy alongside Midtown, Maynard Jackson, and more. In the backyard of the well-renowned stadium, joy filled the atmosphere, but with this light of joy came dark that nearly canceled the anticipated event.

‘Rock The Vote!’ is a national non-profit organization that is committed to spreading the importance of a growing democracy to American children, teenagers, and young adults. Jeff Ayeroff founded the organization in 1990, converting his dream of “building political power” into an organization that distributes engaging activities that stress our nation’s rights to youthful communities. The district-wide ‘Rock the Vote!’ field trip was one of many travel activities held by the organization. “I believe the main takeaway from this wasn’t just having fun, but knowing it’s important to vote in order to contribute to change in our country,” says senior Madison Lawson.

Students were able to enjoy a series of activities on the 11-acre green space. Riding on a Ferris wheel, bungee jumping, and bull riding (the electric one) were just some of the activities that APS students enjoyed throughout the day. Messages encouraging democracy were given on the main stage by event planners and other celebrities through videos. To the surprise of many, famous Atlanta-born rapper Lil Yachty delivered a special message and a guest performance for the crowd. All students had the luxury of free food and drinks from local food trucks. “By far the best field trip I’ve gone on, and I’ve been on a lot,” says senior Anyah Hunter.  

Exactly 2000 upperclassmen out of APS were allowed to participate, but with the everlasting risk of the spread of COVID-19, holding such an event gained backlash amongst the community. Concerns arose from parents, teachers, and medical officials due to the number of people in the venue and the lack of social distancing guidelines. APS immediately assured that there was strict enforcement of masks on at all times. While the event has long passed, it’s sure that the democratic message and importance of voting were relayed to those who went. We spread our thanks to ‘Rock the Vote!’ and Atlanta business partners who attended the event for spreading key information about our country effectively to APS upperclassmen.