The Start of a New Era in the Motor City: Cade Cunningham 


Hope in Motor City: Cade Cunningham brings something to look forward to

Has Detroit depression finally come to an end for Detroit sports fans? That is to be seen, but with new rookie phenomenon Cade Cunningham in town, Motor City fans finally have something to look forward to. Hope in Detroit sports is like finding gold at this point. With the Tigers and Red Wings not having much success as of late and the Lions being the Lions, being a Detroit sports fans has not been amusing to say the least. With all the recent mediocrity displayed by Detroit sports teams, it was a huge breath of fresh air for fans when the Detroit Pistons were rewarded with the number one pick of the 2021 NBA draft. With consensus number one prospect Cade Cunningham right in Detroit’s grasp, getting this pick was groundbreaking news. Getting Cade Cunningham is all good and dainty, but is he truly capable of reversing the Motor City trauma? 

If there is anybody that can change the culture in Detroit, it is Cade Cunningham. Coming out of the Florida powerhouse Montverde Academy, Cunningham has had high expectations placed on him since he was a young teenager. Coming into college, he was considered a top two prospect by the majority of basketball scouts. Cunningham would commit to Oklahoma State University to follow his brother, who was a coach there. During his one year college campaign, he would be far from a disappointment. He had a great freshman season, earning him the player of the year award in the Big 12 conference as a freshman — an impressive feat to say the least. He would also help shift the Oklahoma State basketball culture, leading them to the conference championship and a comfortable seat in the NCAA tournament. They only made it to the second round of the tournament, but this was still an amazing accomplishment considering that Oklahoma State’s last tournament appearance was all the way back in 2017 and they had not made out the first round since 2009. After Cunningham’s stellar freshman season, he decided to leave Oklahoma State and declare for the 2021 NBA Draft. As the consensus number one prospect heading into the draft, he was essentially guaranteed to go number one. Well-known ESPN basketball scout Mike Schmitz said, “Other than Luka Doncic, Cade Cunningham is the most polished prospect I’ve evaluated.” 

With the Pistons season opener coming up on October 20, Pistons fans are jumping for joy for a new team to focus on with the Tigers season being over and the Lions being winless through their first six games. Cunningham’s competitive and relentless nature truly embodies the Motor City spirit, and Detroit sports fans are hoping that he can turn their sorrows into happiness. With the amazing skillset that Cade Cunningham brings to the table, there is no doubt that he can possibly dismantle the seemingly eternal Detroit sports team Depression. Goodbye Motor City Malaise!