North Atlanta’s Left and Right Collide in Civil Conversations About Politics


Sara Roman

Politics Club Has Our Vote: No matter what political affiliation you align with there is a spot at Politics Club for you!

Liberal, Conservative, or Undecided, all views are welcome in North Atlanta’s Politics Club. 

In 2019, students joined together to create an environment where everyone could respectfully share their perspectives on global and local affairs. This year the politics club resurfaced in early September and has received much praise from NAHS students. Students can attend meetings every other week to discuss big issues while munching on the snacks provided. “I really enjoy attending politics club,” said sophomore Martha Crisp. “I learned so many new things and encourage everyone to go.” 

Politics club requires an open-minded perspective of the people and the world around you. Senior Kayla Gilbert, former liberal coordinator, has taken place as co-president of the club, alongside previous conservative coordinator, senior James Fiveash. Despite their differences, they collaborate as each other’s counterparts to educate and provide food for thought to North Atlanta students. “We have been able to come to a common ground on a lot of issues because we both value each other’s opinions,” said Fiveash.

Since the club’s creation, students have been able to conduct themselves in an impressive manner towards sensitive topics. Growth in society and political presence especially in this past year has put a strain on civil interactions about politics. “We have been working very hard to keep that same spirit of the club alive,” Gilbert said. 

 As of now, the club has only met twice but has accomplished identifying and honoring each other’s affiliations. The leaders’ ideal is to create observant and tolerant teens who can leave the club with a fresh mind and an accomplished attitude. “We strongly encourage people to challenge their views,” Gilbert said. “We want people to leave with a perspective they didn’t know about before they came in.”

Division and controversy in politics have heightened in the better part of the 21st century. At a young age, our generation has formed strong political opinions, as both liberals and conservatives. Polarization in politics has caused division in society. Politics Club serves to unite students, despite their differences, and create a safe space for ideas and opinions.