Desperation for Normalcy: A North Atlanta Without Traditional Activities


Dave Quick

Spirit Please: While the return of things like student sections at football games and other athletic events has been welcomed by the North Atlanta student body, there is still a desire for more to come in order to improve the high school experience of all Dubs.

Despite the culture shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, North Atlanta is still 2,100-plus students strong, with the same elevators and crowded stairwells. However, even with the return of students and staff back to the building, the school is rather dull and damaged spirit-wise, especially with the absence of many beloved traditional, year-round activities. What is typically 180 instructional days highlighted by pep rallies, dances, assemblies, and more, is now 180 days lacking these conventional activities that gave much of the student body and staff something to look forward to.

A few students out of thousands were able to enjoy the familiar sense of a field trip this September at the ‘Rock the Vote’ field trip, but most others weren’t so lucky. Field trips that are usually annual have been forced to skip a year or cut their capacity in half due to the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and the Delta Variant. While it is for the good of all the parties involved, students can’t help but mourn the vacancy of outside trips during school hours. “While we’re more concerned about health, we are still working to do things that allow our students to have spirit,” said teacher and Coach Jennifer Page.

Students aren’t the only ones left dismal over activities being in deep water. The chance to easily deliver important messages to students has been stolen from the staff for two consecutive years now. Grade-level assemblies are one of the most effective ways to communicate necessary information to students. Now, most important information is condensed into an electronic copy and released on Google Classroom and Remind, which isn’t as easy. “We have had trouble coordinating with teachers to make time to meet with every kid, but we make it work,” said college advisor Ms. Marino.

Pep rallies and celebrations make up a large amount of school spirit, and with the last pep rally being in 2019, it is much harder to raise spirit in the school. This year’s SGA has done a good job at improvising, turning pep rallies into parades around the school. Spirit is further expressed through engaging spirit weeks like Hallo-Week. “Pep rallies are something we all expect to have. As a big school, we expect to have them,” said senior Chanira Dorsey.

On the bright side, Warriors have been able to enjoy full-capacity student sections at football games and other sports (which were either not available last year or were at limited capacity). More parades are set to come as the school year continues and new sports seasons are set to begin. North Atlanta’s wonderful staff has worked hard this year to return students to normalcy as hard as they can, and Dubs can only continue to make the most of what they’re given.