North Atlanta Volleyball Legend: Margaux Wade


Mady Mertens

Dedicated Dub: Senior captain Margaux Wade finishes strong high school volleyball career after playing in state playoffs

It is tough to say goodbye to anything that you love. Dubs senior volleyball players are currently going through the emotional roller coaster ride of having to put competitive volleyball behind them. This was especially difficult for team leader Margaux Wade, who lives and breathes the game of volleyball. As court captain for the Dubs’ volleyball team, and assistant coach for the Sutton Middle School volleyball team, it is fair to say that she has a strong passion for the sport. With the season officially ending on October 20, Wade understands that her competitive Volleyball career is most likely over. Dealing with this reality has been challenging for her, but she is ready to move forward and is eager to see what the future has in store for her. 

When she was in the 6th grade, Wade fell in love with the game. Wade had been active in  basketball and swimming, but, after some inspiration from her mother, she decided to pick up volleyball. She has had strong affection for the sport ever since. She tried out for the Sutton volleyball team in 7th grade, and the rest was history. Wade ended up playing for the Sutton A team during her 7th and 8th grade years. She would then go on to play for the Dubs JV team during her freshman year at North Atlanta, and on the Varsity team her next three years. During her legendary career at North Atlanta, she earned athlete of the week twice and led the Dubs to two regional championships. Wade is a true North Atlanta volleyball superstar. Fellow team captain Avery Horton said of her, “Margaux drives me and the whole team to succeed with her positive attitude and she constantly lifts us up regardless of if we are winning or losing. She is just a great leader.” 

Taking after her mother on the court, Wade handled the setter duties for the Dubs, similar to a football quarterback. It takes a true warrior to handle the responsibilities that come with the position, but with Wade’s competitive mentality, she is fully capable of handling them. As a setter, she never comes out of the game and she has to be the most vocal leader on the court. Wade also had to always be aware of what the other team was doing and had to know how to direct and utilize her teammates in ways that would best set the team up for success on plays. That may seem like a lot for one player, but that is why Wade loves the game so much. 

Wade loves the team aspect of the sport, and having to work as one to find success. Knowing that those days are over is tough for her to swallow. With academics coming first, Wade knows that her competitive volleyball days are officially behind her. She is trying her best not to be sad about her volleyball memories, but to be thankful for all of the bright moments she had. She hopes to keep playing volleyball as a hobby and possibly play at the club or intramural level beyond high school. “It is hard not seeing my teammates anymore. It is a big shift and it makes me appreciate all of the moments I had. My career may be over, but volleyball will always be dear to my heart,” said Wade. 

Though Margaux Wade’s legendary warrior career has unfortunately come to an end, she will always be remembered for her amazing contributions to the Dubs’ volleyball team. Wade has a bright future ahead of her, and she cannot wait to see where the next chapter of her life will take her.