Graphic Design and it’s Entrepreneurial Boom at North Atlanta


Hugh Breeden

Early Entrepreneurs: Students in the graphic design program have started their own companies, assisting different organizations and clubs around the school.

North Atlanta is a school where students are given the opportunity to explore and pursue their passions everyday. The different pathways our school has (business, journalism, etc.) for Warriors to take has provided them with potential career interests for their future after graduation. Some students at North Atlanta, however, have taken advantage of their pathways to get a workplace-like experience before graduation. Many in the graphic design pathway have started their own graphic design company, becoming self-made entrepreneurs. It is thanks to the graphic design program here at North Atlanta that they were able discover their passion for graphic design and turn it into a business opportunity.

In the graphic design pathway, students were assigned a project with the end goal of creating their own company. It is school-based, and they help specific parts of North Atlanta with their graphic design needs. Many students in the program are really invested in their companies and hope to make it something more than a simple project. “Lax Bros helps advertise sports in North Atlanta,” said graphic design student Oscar Schlachter. “We make shirts, keychains, and posters to support student-athletes, and this combines our passions of sports and graphic design at school.”

The companies made at North Atlanta have multiple members that each have their own positions and specific responsibilities. The impact of these projects has been far-reaching here at the school, with many organizations within the school reaching out to get help from some of the companies that have been created. “We have a job where we are designing over 100 different t-shirts for JROTC,” said senior Mason Valles. “It’s really stressful, but if you put in the work and enjoy what you do it’s easily manageable.”

Companies recently made around the school for the project like Lax Bros, Ze Best, and KEK Designs have all started to put up flyers around the school. There are many more companies that have been started here at North Atlanta through the graphic design pathway. These companies have opened new doors for clubs, sports teams, and other school-based organizations to advertise themselves and promote their organizations within the school.

One simple graphic design project has given students within the pathway the ability to experience a workplace environment. The valuable opportunity that these students have been provided with has created new entrepreneurs here at North Atlanta. Here at North Atlanta, the value and benefit of these pathways can be clearly seen, allowing Warriors to learn the necessary skills and abilities required for a career after graduation.