All Hail Hinkle: The Man Who Takes Teaching to Another Level


Caroline Edwards

Phenomenal Physicist: Teacher William Hinkle brings creativity and excitement to his physics classroom that captivate Dubs of all grades.

Have you ever met a teacher with a bowling ball, a skateboard, and a Nicki Minaj flag in their room? No? Then let me introduce you to William Hinkle. A beloved friend, teacher, and mentor here at North Atlanta, Hinkle has been an integral part of the science community for the past five years and is a fan favorite among students.
Hinkle did not always have plans of being a teacher. He attended Auburn University where he initially graduated with a degree in engineering, but after working in a few different fields he returned to school to get his teaching license. Since then, Hinkle has joined the teaching world and is happy to be here at North Atlanta for his fifth year of teaching. So far, Hinkle has enjoyed his teaching experience and hopes that things will only continue to get better from here.
One reason why Hinkle stands out so much as not only a teacher but as a role model to students is because of the amount of love and dedication he puts into teaching. During class, Hinkle never shies away from cracking jokes with his students, providing individual attention to anyone who needs it, and taking the time to thoroughly answer any question asked. But what really sets Hinkle apart is the sense of comfort and confidence that he gives his students. “I stand up for my students and encourage them to be themselves and be proud of who they are,” said Hinkle.
He constantly involves students in class-wide conversations, he is always open to student feedback, and he encourages students to voice their needs to him, whether it be related or unrelated to the class. “I feel like Mr. Hinkle is one teacher that I could go to for anything,” said Junior Brent Shannon. “He is always available and willing to help.”
Hinkle strives to create a positive and one-of-a-kind learning environment for his students. You can often find him instructing his classroom by explaining the laws of friction while gliding across the room on his trusty skateboard, or by whipping out his bowling ball to teach his students about the power of forces. Hinkle creates a captivating and entertaining environment for his students that allows their knowledge of physics to prosper. “I bring a lot of energy to the classroom,” said Hinkle. “I let my excitement drive the students to get engaged in the lessons.”
It’s safe to say that Hinkle is a teacher who constantly goes above and beyond to provide the best learning experience and environment for his students. His charismatic teaching style and supportive spirit make William Hinkle a teacher worth talking about.