“Wire-Giving”: Staffers Reflect On That For Which They Are Thankful


Thanksgiving. A time to gather around the dinner table and express gratitude for those things that make us smile or that make life more rewarding and even fun. But do know that the Wire “table” is certainly not the average one. The things that Wire staffers are thankful for are quite different and specific to the news-gathering space that newswriters inhabit. And so, as an annual tradition — has it been an annual tradition? — the staff members of the Warrior Wire offer up what they are thankful for. 

Ava Tomlin: Editor-in-Chief: I’m thankful for Fresca, for pizza, and for this year’s hard-working Wire Crew (a.k.a. “The Drivers of Cool”). 

Wyatt Allred: Managing Editor: I’m thankful for an error-free story from writers on my editorial downline. By the way: My downline rocks! 

Kate Davis: Managing Editor: I’m very thankful for staff writer adherence to the 420-450 word count. (And for all those who go to 700 … we gotta talk …) 

Melanie Gomez: Design Editor: I’m thankful for captions. Just for captions. Hey writers: At least try to give us a caption. Okay? 

Curran Mitra: Sports Editor: I’m thankful when the Dubs win and I can write about it! 

Carl Alexander: I’m thankful for being able to ramble on and write stories about sports. And — in so doing — keeping all my adoring fans happy!

Rollins Hamrick: I’m thankful for a working North Atlanta wifi (fingers crossed). I need it so I can post all that fresh Insta Wire content! 

Regan Murray: I’m truly thankful for my byline. Each time I see it, it means I’ve done something I’m proud of. And “No”: The thrill of being published never gets old. 

Trinitii Baggett: I’m thankful when Zoe makes me laugh. And trust me: She’s good at it. 

Zoe Hall: I’m thankful when Carl doesn’t tell me his “joke of the day” — or tell me about Detroit sports teams.  

Madison Lawson: I’m thankful for the students at our school who are making things happen. They make a reporter’s job easy because there’s always something going on at North Atlanta to write about! 

Tanner Adams: I’m thankful for former Wire staffer Caroline Cassadonte and the legacy she left us. But Caroline: Please come back and bushwhack your trail! We couldn’t make it through this year!

Caroline Edwards: I’m thankful for the ongoing inspiration and example of former Wire staffer and managing editor Nickie Spektor. May her legendary productive spirit course through my fingers! 

Hugh Breeden: I’m thankful that Ryan Hohenstein hasn’t recently stolen one of my story ideas. 

Chase Robinson: I’m thankful when Stenger doesn’t see me watching Twitch streams.

Henry Peck: I’m thankful for the “Junior Corner.” Remember everyone: This is our space. Stay out!

Elizabeth Ackerman: I’m thankful for the hard-working Wire T-Shirt committee. The design challenge never ends! 

Carly Martin: I’m thankful for Quill and Scroll meetings. “We want Sprite! We want Sprite!” 

Ella Kaufman: I’m thankful for those oh-so-powerful yellow staff badges that get us out of — or into — any class. Bonus! 

Se’Lah Robinson: I’m thankful for Melanie for creating this year’s awesome first edition. Way to go, Teddy! 

Caroline Feagin: I’m thankful for the eighth floor vending machine. Know this: Kit Kats can break through any writer’s block!

Ryan Hohenstein: In general, I’m thankful for word processing. Some teachers say my handwriting can be challenging so I guess typing comes in pretty handy.  

Trey Gregson: I’m thankful for Invictus staffers who don’t ask me what I’m writing about. 

Sara Roman: I’m thankful for Mr. Stenger, especially when he buys Frescas. But just to remind: Stenger, they’re typically at Publix and not at Kroger where you shop.

Chelsey Hodge: I’m thankful for strong story ideas that come to me in dreams. They actually really do sometimes … 

Alexis Lubow: I’m thankful when I can write another Taylor Swift story. 

Maddox Wade: I’m extremely thankful when my upline editor doesn’t change my copy too much. 

Catherine Townsend: I’m thankful for the new Floor 4 Mac lab computers — what bling! But we know! We got it! The memo is getting through! “No food or drink around these machines!”

Jill Yoder: I’m thankful for pizza days: “When We Print, We Eat!” 

To all Warrior Wire Readers: We are thankful for you!