Drop Dead Delicious: North Atlanta Students’ Favorite After School Grub


Kate Davis

Otters Obsessed: It is undeniable that NAHS students love chicken fingers and fries. One spot that satisfies appetites is Otters Chicken. Senior Ava Granot thinks Otters is undeniably good.

Otters Chicken, a spot treasured by the NAHS student population, has been buzzing with business due to its noteworthiness in North Atlanta culture. Otters is located just down the street from the school, on Cobb parkway. Its accessible location is perfect to fill the stomachs of starved students after a long day at school. But watch out! If you’re looking for a pleasant, private meal, Otters may not be the place for you. “That place is always so crowded,” said junior Anna Moss. “It is usually packed with North Atlanta students so you always see someone you know.” 

The astonishing establishment is not a far cry from any basic Willys, Chick-Fil-A, or Chipotle, but is still a remarkable alternative to Atlanta’s pivotal hotspots. The delectable destination can be considered unique to Atlanta’s elite population, North Atlanta students. Even with private school ties to the restaurant, students of Pace, Lovett, and Westminster have failed to recognize the excellence that is Otter’s Chicken. “I love food, and when I’m hungry, Otters is the obvious choice,” said junior Jonathan French.

Each week a lucky North Atlanta athlete is chosen to be “Otter’s Chicken Player of the Week.” Their picture is displayed on the wall of the restaurant and favored a certificate for a free meal at Otter’s Chicken. “There’s nothing better than the combined satisfaction of being player of the week, and getting to enjoy a free meal at Otters,” said former player of the week sophomore Catherine Townsend.

Anyone who has not yet visited the restaurant has not experienced the drool-worthy experience. Their assortment of food is no less than the best. Spicy, sweet, or savory, they have it. Generally, they are known for their chicken fingers and prized Otters Sauce, which are without a doubt exquisite. Despite this commonly ordered cuisine, you shouldn’t forget the foolproof crinkle fries, precisely buttered bread, and grilled cheeses, or their refreshing salads or stuffing wings. Their diverse menu leaves something to be loved by everybody. Sophomore Anna Samuelson is a devoted customer, who claims to visit a minimum of four times a week. “I can’t even begin to describe the obsession I have with Otters,” Samuelson says. “It’s possibly the best, most crave-filling food ever.”

Otters Chicken, a remarkable companion to Zaxby’s, has the hearts of many students who are sure to stick around for their next meal. Faithful diners like Anna implore that each person takes the chance to taste what is remarkably referred to as Otters Chicken.