Braves Fans Step Up to the Plate to Show Spirit for World Series Champs


Elizabeth Ackerman

Bravo to the Braves: Atlanta baseball fans rejoice after their beloved Braves finally clinch a World Series Championship. Dubs in all grades were able to attend the Championship Parade and bask in the glory of the Braves.

“Atlanta Braves Win the World Series!” Headlines like these have been swarming news publications across the nation. For the first time since 1995, the Atlanta Braves baseball team has won the World Series. After a long, hard season, the team’s five victorious wins against the Houston Astros allowed them to bring home the trophy. This accomplishment has united fans, who are more than overjoyed to celebrate their beloved Braves.
On Friday, November 5th, the baseball stars were cheered on by fans in a two-part parade throughout Atlanta. Hundreds of thousands of devoted supporters congregated in the streets to watch the players and patrons drive by in celebration. The parade began in downtown Atlanta near the former home of the Braves, Turner Field. The procession of buses, trolleys, and trucks then made its way up Peachtree St., where fans eagerly packed the sidewalks. The first segment of the parade finally stopped when the motorcade reached the highway, where they traversed up to Truist Park, the Braves’ ballpark in Cobb County. “The parade downtown was filled with energy,” said junior Lucy Marin. “The buses were going pretty fast but everyone was still so excited to see the players.”
Once the procession (along with the World Series trophy, of course) made it safely to Cobb Pkwy., it began the second portion of the route. They continued on, making their way towards the Battery Atlanta where Truist Park resides. Enthusiastic crowds cheered in excitement, showing their pride and support for their favorite baseball team. The incredible fan turnout didn’t just stick to the streets. Inside the filled stadium, the celebration concluded with a ceremony and concert featuring performances from Atlanta natives. “It isn’t often that a moment this exciting happens in Atlanta sports,” said junior Isabel Pileggi. “To be able to see and hear the joy through both the players and the fans in Truist Park was incredible.”
Fortunately, Braves fanatics of all ages were able to join in on the festivities. Atlanta Public Schools, along with numerous other public and private schools across Metro Atlanta, canceled classes to allow students and staff to enjoy celebratory events. Since APS was closed, Dubs from all grades could attend the parade (the Truist Park portion being only minutes from NAHS) without having to skip school. “As a Braves fan, it was so fun to be a part of the celebration for their well-deserved World Series win,” said junior Mia Alarcon. “It’ll definitely be a day I’ll never forget.”
Whether you’re one of the Braves’ biggest supporters or you couldn’t care less about the baseball team, it can’t be argued that their World Series win is a monumental moment in Atlanta sports history. After a season full of ups and downs, a title win is just what the championship-starved team needed. The phenomenal parade was just the finishing touch to a triumphant week for Braves fans of all ages.