The Machine Goes Up to 11 (Stories): The Marvelous North Atlanta Robotics Club


Dennis Racket

Engineered to Win: North Atlanta’s Robotics Team is never short of innovation and inspiration. On the first floor, tech savvy Dubs can be found building marvelous robots and machines. Join the Robolution!

Our beloved North Atlanta offers many opportunities in terms of extracurricular activities, including many different sports and clubs for students to potentially choose from. However, one of the standout clubs of this school year is the Robotics Club. Their faculty sponsor is Kalindi Zaveri, and the club’s headquarters are located in room 1107A. It’s there that North students gather on Tuesdays and Thursdays to meet the club’s abiding mission: building robots for competition. 

With this premise, members are given a chance to be as creative as possible while working towards a common goal. There are students of all grade levels and demographics, and they all work as a team to make sure the club runs smoothly.

While the main purpose of the Robotics Club is to make robots to compete with, there are many projects that the club works on before the competitive season. Its current project is a mobile t-shirt cannon robot, which club members hope to have finished by the end of this year. By next school year, during pep rallies and football games, expect to see this high-powered cannon featuring prominently. “I love robotics because it’s a place where I can unleash the creativity and energy that is pent up in school in a constructive way,” said senior Ben Holzworth.

The club is actually made up of four subteams working efficiently together, each containing five to six students. The first is “Build,” which designs and builds the body of the robot. The second is “Electronics,” which wires the robot and makes it run. Next is “Programming,” and this subteam ensures that the robot can receive the commands given. The final one is “Admin,” with the role of handling funding and PR. “Working with my hands always makes me feel satisfied, and seeing the robot come together is an amazing feeling,” said senior Davis Maxey.

The North Atlanta robotics club is full of creativity and wonder. The members themselves are standout individuals and they all work together to see their projects come to light. They all share the same passion for robotics and the energy put toward either their competitive or school-related endeavors is always used to its full potential. It truly is a club worth being interested in and considering.