Buckhead Makes Big Moves with Potential Annexation in the Works


Rollins Hamrick

Potential Parting: News of a possible new city has reached North Atlanta’s students’ ears. But how much do they really know about this annexation? Sophomore Ansley Mccaffrey and freshman Messiah Edwards ask this ambiguous question: what is the fate of Buckhead?

A big decision is in the works that involves the fate of our community and neighborhood. The large choice currently looming is whether or not Buckhead will secede from the city of Atlanta. This would come with a lot of potential implications, positive and negative, but it comes down to what the community decides. As this could have an impact on our school system, how aware are the Dubs of what is happening, and how much do they know about this choice that could have a large impact on many aspects of their day-to-day lives? 

One of the most significant possible implications of this decision would be the impact it could have on North Atlanta’s stance within Atlanta Public Schools. The city lines that the City of Buckhead has drawn up do not match up with those of the North Atlanta school district. Potentially, only a part of the North Atlanta community could continue attending school at North. “There are a lot of implications for our community at North Atlanta that many are unaware of,” said senior Olivia Schramkowski. “It is important to be fully aware of what is happening and what it means before making any big decisions.”

Many students are somewhat oblivious to the possible impacts this choice could have. People are commonly aware that the idea of Buckhead annexing from the City of Atlanta stemmed from the rise in crime rates in the community, but lack other information on the topic. “I  heard Buckhead wants to annex to be able to have their own police force due to the surge of crime but that is about all I know,” said senior Margo Werner. 

There are even a few students that are completely in the dark about any information surrounding this decision. Some Dubs bear no intel about the subject and are not even aware of what Buckhead annexing means. The only thing (again) they have some idea of is the fact it could have to do with crime. “Quite frankly I really don’t know anything about Buckhead annexing from Atlanta.” said junior John Gregory. “All I have heard is that it could possibly have to do with crime rates.” 

While keeping our community safe is crucial and it would very likely serve the Buckhead community well to have their police force, many other prevalent factors have to be taken into consideration before a decision is made. This annexation could potentially bring a lot of positives to the community, but we can not forget to take into account the fate of our school system and the impact it would have on North Atlanta students.