North Atlanta Gymnastics: Funding is Falling Short


Sara Roman

Gymnastics season up in the air: Funding for the gymnastics program has hindered the usually smooth-sailing season. While most of the gymnasts pictured above have graduated, new gymnasts Dubs hope to continue the program.

In the 2018-2019 school year, the gymnasts of North Atlanta hit the ground running—and flipping. This excitement, however, was short-lived because just one school year later, gymnastics did not prevail. Despite setbacks, gymnasts and coaches alike are rallying for a returning season.
It’s most apparent that the gymnastics program is suffering. Lack of school support has left the team on its own to find funding for the gym, coaches, transportation, and gear. Parents who usually only have to pay the fee for their children to participate in the sport are now holding the whole program on their shoulders. “It shouldn’t be our responsibility, but we wanted to ensure that our children get the season they’ve been anticipating,” said Amy Nash, mother of junior gymnast Addie Nash,
Parents Karen Roman and Amy Nash have been working together to find a solution to this problem. “We appreciate the dedication of Mr. Regan and Liz Archer to get the team back on its feet,” Roman and Nash said. Nash, previously a gymnastics coach for high-level gymnasts, has volunteered to take on coaching for the team. Mrs. Roman has taken control of communications and team organization. “It is upsetting to see the lack of support the gymnastics program is getting from the school,” said Roman.
Archer coached the gymnastics team when her daughter, Isabelle Archer, was captain, and ultimately was the initiator of the gymnastics program. Still, despite her daughter’s graduation, she remains a large part of sports programs at North Atlanta. “Mrs. Archer is hoping to see increased recognition for gymnastics as a sport at North Atlanta,” Athletic Director Andre Regan said.
Gymnasts still attending the school are taking the initiative to spread the word by hanging up flyers, meeting with Regan and searching for a sponsor. Most of the girls who are a part of the team are prior gymnasts or cheerleaders who no longer have enough time to commit to such a grueling schedule. School gymnastics is a fun and less physically taxing environment that many of the girls enjoy. And it would be such a disappointment for this opportunity to be stripped away. Senior Amber Jamison, a varsity cheerleader, star track runner, and a former member on the North Atlanta gymnastics team said, “I remember the team being really fun and relaxed,” Amber said, “It would be a bummer if I couldn’t participate my senior year.”
Gymnastics is at the beginning of its reign of North Atlanta sports and it would be a shame for it to drop out so soon. Gymnasts are pleading for another successful season competing for the Dubs.