Warriors in the Gym: How Dubs Are Staying Fit Off-Campus


Ella Kaufman

Fitness Fanatics: Many Warriors gear up to hit the gym multiple times per day, working hard to stay in tip-top shape. Junior Logan Kaufman enjoys going to the YMCA for afternoon lifts after attending cross country practice each day.

Calling all gym rats! As if weekday sports practices weren’t enough, there exists a rapidly growing group of in-shape Dubs that just can’t get enough of the gym environment. It’s a rare occurrence if you don’t find a fellow NAHS student lifting at the YMCA, the apparent Dubs workout hotspot. Other Warriors enjoy early morning workout classes or late night sweat sessions at their local fitness centers. In addition to a demanding school load and extracurriculars, many Dubs still find the time to “tone up” off-campus.  

If you ever wonder where your fitness-crazed friends head off to after school, you have a good guess if you say the YMCA. The membership-only gym is one of the most Warrior-populated workout hubs in the city where, on any given day, you may find weight lifters finishing their sets, or casual joggers running out their feelings on the treadmill. Don’t forget about the basketball-obsessed Dubs, who crowd the courts late into the night, refining their hoop skills alongside their friends. “It’s so easy to spot someone from NAHS at the Y,” said junior Logan Kaufman. “It’s for sure a hub for student-athletes and workout enthusiasts.”

If you thought after-school workouts and practices were plenty of sweat for the day alone, there are plenty of Dubs that rise bright and early to get a quick class, lift, or session in. Some students, such as juniors Charlie Long and Liza Fagin, dedicate themselves to consistent early morning gym workouts (talk about commitment!). “I get in a kickboxing workout just about every morning before school,” said Fagin. “If I can’t fit it in early, I will go after classes, but the best feeling in the world is getting that adrenaline rush before anything else.”  

Other Dubs appreciate the afternoon grind, heading out to their workout classes or conditioning at later parts of the day. Night owls, such as junior Brett McPherson, are accustomed to evening fitness routines. Whether that be a dusk jog around the block or a group fitness class, nighttime Dubs seem to thrive from the serene and motivating atmosphere. “I try to go to OrangeTheory Fitness some mornings, but night classes are definitely superior,” said McPherson. “The running, weights, and rowing workout gets my adrenaline flowing for a much-needed energy boost before I start my late-night homework routine.”  

There exist warrior athletes that fit school practices, programs, and additional workouts into their packed schedules 5 days a week, but how do they accomplish such feats? The secret, they claim, is time management. Dedicated dubs like junior Charlie Long get off of cross country practice at 5:30, only to head straight to lacrosse conditioning off-campus. By the time he gets home, he must tackle hours of homework and get to bed at a suitable hour to maximize his ability to conquer his morning workout. “I’m used to having a different workout routine than most of my friends,” said Long. “Getting to the YMCA early, and having the luxury of using fresh equipment with nearly no one around is so worth the early wakeup.”

Although it feels like a near superhuman trait for the majority of students to work out multiple times per day (especially in the early hours of the day), the most fitness-oriented Dubs are willing to put in the time and energy to meet their goals, whether that be building muscle, losing weight, or conditioning to prepare for their upcoming sport. If you have been wondering whether that early morning workout is worth the struggle, it may be time to gear up and give it the ole Warrior try. Regardless of their level of physical expertise, we know for certain that these committed Warriors are feeling the burn, both on campus and off.