Groceries On Wheels Club Taking Steps Towards “Stomping Out Hunger”


Elizabeth Ackerman

The Goodness of Groceries: NAHS students, led by Ben Song, volunteer their time to give back to their community.

Service is a pivotal part of North Atlanta culture. Especially with the holiday season approaching, it’s very important to the Dubs to give back to the community. One student-led organization in particular has taken their charitable actions to the streets of Atlanta. With a mission to “stomp out hunger one delivery at a time,” non-profit organization Groceries on Wheels has touched the lives of many through the work of philanthropic NAHS students.

Like most charity organizations, Groceries on Wheels was created for a purpose, specifically to help those in need. When NAHS junior Ben Song was brainstorming for his sophomore IB MYP project, he knew he wanted to create an impact. Aware of the homelessness and food insecurity issues in Atlanta, Song wanted to find a way to help out while involving the NAHS student body. His solution? The creation of Groceries on Wheels. “GOW was founded on strong values surrounding philanthropy and the want to help others,” said Song. “We hope to improve the homeless shelter lifestyle and better the Atlanta community overall.”

The purpose of GOW is implied in the name itself: Groceries on Wheels. The organization delivers groceries and food items to those in need, including low-income individuals and those who reside in homeless shelters. GOW receives donations from food banks and directly through their website. Once they have collected enough products, members can volunteer to participate in the club’s regular “food drops” where they help to load and unload the donations at the site of donation. Not only do members get service hours, but they can actively participate in a great cause. “The food drops are such a rewarding part of the GOW experience,” said club Vice President Caroline Edwards. “It has been so cool to see students come together and give back to the community.”

For North Atlanta students who want to support those who are less fortunate, Groceries on Wheels is an excellent opportunity to get involved in. GOW aims to minimize the adversities surrounding hunger and homelessness, while allowing NAHS students to connect with their community in a generous way.