APSYes Awards Honors North Atlanta’s Very Own: David Galban and Chantel Lowe


Caroline Feagin / Jack Stenger

Yes To Excellence: North Atlanta staff members David Galban and Chantel Lowe were recently presented with the district’s APSYes awards. Galban is the school’s bilingual community liaison and Lowe is literature teacher in North Atlanta’s English-Language Arts Department.

Teachers are the glue that holds the whole school together—well, at least APS agrees. With the resurgence of students back into in-person learning, it’s only fair that we honor these hardworking (and patient!) staff. And the APSYes event surely did not disappoint! With a red carpet event followed by a delectable dinner, awards were passed out to the best of the best. Included in this group of people are two people that all North Atlanta students should recognize for their tireless efforts during the school year: Chantel Lowe and David Galban.

 At the annual APSYes awards show, Lowe’s efforts were honored in front of a multitude of other Atlanta Public School educators, all supporting each other’s achievements. Lowe has been an essential part of North Atlanta’s staff for many years. Teaching literature for freshman Dubs, Lowe has aided in the healthy but strenuous transition from middle school to high school for Warriors. What is given is always given back; she was awarded Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 School year. With a love of teaching everybody, it is more than likely we’ll see more great things from this diligent teacher. “Ms. Lowe can keep the class engaged like no other teacher,” said freshman Sienna Schettino.

In 2016, North Atlanta was graced with vibrant enthusiasm from Galban. Located on the second floor, he dedicates his days to helping as a Bilingual Community Liaison to the student body. Galban’s favorite thing about working at APS is his opportunity to serve and provide support. This is particularly exemplified by the people he helps. Junior Ana Mijares only has positive things to say about her experience with him, saying that he supported her as a Hispanic student at North Atlanta. “He gave me chocolate after I received a nomination for the Governor’s Honors program,” Mijares said. “It was really thoughtful.”

With the 2021 calendar year coming to a close, students’ relief at finally finishing the first semester is more than palpable. But, before you leave make sure to go ahead and give your teachers thanks for all that they do. They deserve it!