Only Streaming : Picking Winners and Losers Among Netflix Originals


Elizabeth Ackerman

Original Views: Senior Regan Murray is one of many North Atlanta students who’s diving in to all that Netflix is offering with its original content shows

After a long day of class, homework, and extracurricular activities, many students enjoy winding down to watch their favorite show or movie on the beloved online provider known as Netflix. “Friends,” “The Office”, “Parks and Rec” and “Squid Games” are a few of the classics that someone might catch a North Atlanta student watching in their free time. Recently, in addition to these classic favorites, new “Netflix Originals” are being released.  

A ‘Netflix Original’ is a TV series or movie, which is produced and released by Netflix itself, and not on any other streaming site. Compared to other network shows on Netflix, the company’s original shows are very different. The production of these series vary and usually the concepts are hit or miss with the general public. The Netflix Original series “Stranger Things,” which debuted in 2016 has been a huge success, winning multiple MTV Video Music Awards and several teen choice categories. “Although some people hate them, I love the Netflix Originals,” said senior Jazmine Tucker. “They’re always super cute or interesting.”  

However, not all originals are a hit. Many blame the movies for being too predictable and cheesy or the TV series for simply having a bad concept to begin with. In particular, many believed that the series “13 Reasons Why” poorly – or even dangerously – handled a dark subject like suicide. But the movie “To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before” and the show “Sense8,” in contrast, have received great reviews. “I definitely don’t love everything they come out with, but between the bad ones there will be at least one that is worth watching,” said junior Kameron Smith.

In addition to the good and bad releases, there is a major debate as to whether the Netflix Original shows or movies are better. Some think that since most of the movies are “one and done,” the production and overall quality is much better. However, the TV crowd begs to differ, believing that the movies are just boring and the shows, on the other hand, always have intense action. “The Netflix Original shows are so much better than the movies,” said sophomore Dallas Ford. “Honestly, the movies don’t even compare.”  

Whether or not the originals are your top choice to watch, we all can agree that Netflix is the place to be. It has amazing throwback shows – including ones that aren’t even on TV anymore – and upholds the nostalgia behind these childhood favorites. All in all, we will always love Netflix, despite the originals’ potential flops.