Broadcast Hiatus: Viewers Wondering What’s Happened to “11 Stories” News Show


Hugh Breeden

AVTF students are always hard to bring together episodes of the “11 Stories,” a broadcast news show about North Atlanta happenings and events. Juniors Dennis Young and Lachlan MacClean are part of the show’s production team.

Audio, visual, tech, and film or better known as AVTF is a CTEA pathway. It has three different levels of class starting with AVTF 1 going to AVTF 3. In the current juniors and seniors during their school years before Covid-19 they had “11 Stories.”

For the current sophomores and freshman at North Atlanta, “11 Stories” was a news broadcast of local news around the school and following events that happened around the school. Students wrote, produced, filmed, and edited the show in their AVTF class. Then during advisement throughout the year students around the school were able to see the finished product. “I remember seeing 11 stories for the first time and was surprised by how well done the whole thing was,” said junior Lachlan Maclean.

Currently AVTF students still actively work on making “11 Stories” broadcast. They have completed the first broadcast, but it was never aired or edited. They are working on the second broadcast, but no one knows if it will actually be broadcasted. “We may only ever broadcast one 11 Stories the whole school year,” said junior Dennis Young, “AVTF will most likely start working on SkillsUSA contests instead of 11 Stories.”

11 Stories was a fun part of North Atlanta that was taken away due to coronavirus. Then because of coronavirus it might never come back to the true form that the juniors and seniors got to see it in. “Many of the people that did 11 stories have left North Atlanta,” said Maclean,”It makes it hard when AVTF doesn’t have the same experience the seniors from last year and years prior had.”

Students at North Atlanta will hope for 11 Stories to return to its former glory, but coronavirus makes it seems like it will never return or even be broadcast again.