Inducting the Future: Science National Honor Society Welcomes New Leadership and Members


Ella Kaufman

Seniors in STEM: Science National Honor Society members Douglas Dumont and Caroline Newbern are senior members of North Atlanta’s only STEM society. The two enjoy engaging in fun science-based activities within the chapter’s monthly-meetings.

NAHS students are honoring the future of scientific inquiry with the yearly initiation of members into the school’s only STEM honor society. Science National Honor Society encourages high-achieving students to investigate scientific exploration in a collaborative, engaging environment. Students are required to maintain competitive grade point averages and attend regular mandatory meetings in order to become an active member following induction. As the society picks up where it left off in light of a virtual format, the SNHS leadership team is looking forward to creating a new standard of scientific excellence for the science community within North Atlanta. 

Science National Honor Society kicked off strong with a roster of 35 students during its October 20th induction ceremony. The newly elected leadership team, featuring President Michael Pickens, Vice President Sarah Warren, and Managers Shobini Palaiappan, Zuri Vallery, and Ella Kaufman, were responsible for leading members in a vowing oath, promising to provide scientific service to their community and to help other students develop achievements and interests in science. Senior Manager Palaiappan is excited to collaborate with her peers to generate academically-oriented, yet interactive scientific activities. “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with the leadership team this year, and I’m particularly looking forward to creating an interactive scientific community within North Atlanta,” she said.

A previously virtual academic year allowed for the zoom platform to become the normal mode of communication for monthly Science National Honor Society Meetings. In light of hectic schedules and limited speaking availability for selected guest speakers, the leadership team has made the move to approach meetings on a mainly virtual front. Some members of the leadership team, as well as senior chapter members, are accustomed to a virtual meeting environment and believe in its capacity to offer flexibility to the chapter. “Leading members virtually was an unprecedented challenge, but our team was able to create a comfortable environment that extends to current meetings,” said President Michael Pickens. “I have high hopes for a productive year with a group of members who share the willingness to grow and learn with the demands of the society.”

Although the chapter is oriented around student involvement, dedicated teacher advisor Dr. Gopalsingh provides an appropriate balance of guidance in resource development and the freedom to lead to her student team. The advisor stresses member collaboration in scientific activities, introducing concepts such as debates and volunteer activities, before handing the reigns to Pickens, her first assist in managing the demands of the highly regarded society. “Science National Honors Society, North Atlanta chapter provides an intellectual platform for all like-minded, interdisciplinary science students,” said Gopalsingh. “I encourage members to embrace the development of a platform of investigation and research throughout their time in the chapter.” 

Science National Honor Society remains one of North Atlanta’s most highly respected chapters, inviting hard-working, curious students to pursue scientific topics in a dynamic peer-centered environment. Whether you are a serious student researcher or a curious upperclassman, the chapter offers an array of topics of exploration to fit your scientific interests, inside the classroom and out.