Taxing Traffic: The Driving Dubs’ Worst Nightmare


Catherine Townsend

It’s Driving Us Crazy!: Dubs struggle to make it to 4111 Northside Pkwy on time due to the incredibly long line of cars that queue up every morning.

Morning rush hour traffic: most everyone has endured the painful experience. The honking of horns, screeching of tires, and flashing of brake lights is enough to give any person (even a top of the morning, take the day by the reins type) a headache. Now, combine traffic with the clouded minds and groggy eyes of teenage Dubs who may or may not be 100 percent awake. With this dubious combination, traffic is bound to become harrowingly gridlocked, causing many students to suffer from the exasperation of morning rush hour traffic. 

Looking at the back of one car for ten minutes straight can become increasingly monotonous as the minutes roll by. But all of a sudden, the wheels of the car ahead roll forward ever so slightly. This minute increase in speed yields the slightest sliver of hope that perhaps today is the day for a luxurious walk into the glass doors of NAHS instead of a stressful sprint to class to avoid yet another tardy. Although driving Dubs will not be catching a speeding ticket in this traffic, it is safe to say they might catch a tardy. 

The hardworking students of North Atlanta High School strive to be on time and ready to learn as they take the day in full stride, but with no end in sight to the line of cars, arriving on time is becoming especially challenging. “I am always on the later side of arriving at school since I drive with my brother, and I used to blame it on him, but now I’m not so sure. I’m beginning to believe it’s the traffic’s fault. The bumper-to-bumper traffic is crazy,” said sophomore Cecily. 

North Atlanta Warriors are used to the parking deck traffic, as teenagers flood the levels with angst, ready to head home to the warmth of their beds. However, the traffic on roads such as Northside Parkway and off the highway is proving to be too much for some Dubs to handle. Sophomore Malley Coogan said, “Trust me, after a long day of learning, all I want is to collapse at my house, but this traffic is really crushing my chances of getting home anytime soon.” 

While most Dubs will have to stick to twiddling their thumbs as they sit in the idle, unmoving traffic, others have the luxury of avoiding this headache of a problem. Some North Atlanta students such as sophomore Sebastian Montana live particularly close to the school, therefore avoiding the traffic mayhem. “I am so lucky to live so close to school. I usually walk to and from school, and it saves me almost 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon,” said Sebastian Montana. 

With seemingly no end to the line of cars in sight, NAHS Warriors will have to find a way to make it work just as they always do. Who knows, a few tardies might be in their near future, but speeding tickets most definitely will not. Onward!