Asynchronous Days: Warriors Reflect On Their Mental Health


Trinitii Baggett

Aspiring for Asynchronous Wednesdays: Students reflect on last year’s virtual school and the unanimous benefit that came with it—Asynchronous Wednesdays. Seniors Zoe Hall and Kevin Romero, along with junior Se’Lah Robinson are among these students.

Mental health: an important yet overlooked topic of Quarantine not often discussed at school. However, during virtual learning, last year’s Asynchronous Wednesdays were greatly appreciated by NAHS students. They took advantage of a day with no zoom classes full of lectures that usually went in one ear and out the other.
Many students embraced Asynchronous Wednesdays which gave them a mental break during their transition to a virtual learning environment. Adapting to a virtual learning environment proved to be very challenging. But Asynchronous Wednesdays gave them time to rest from working seven hours on the computer. Virtual learning meant longer screen-time and obstacles from connection issues. “Wednesdays were always the day I adored,” said sophomore Chelsey Hodge. “I looked forward to taking a break from the stressfulness of school to focus on myself.”
Students knew their mental health started going downhill immediately because of the stress, anxiety, and lack of drive they had to log in to zoom classes. Without a doubt, their outlook on time management changed for the better once they began to put their mental health first. “Asynchronous Wednesdays gave me more time to get more work done and were essential for students who were behind on work and needed to catch up,” said Raegan Johnson.
Overall, the journey of finding the best way to regroup after a year of confusion and isolation will vary for each individual. Now that there is no break mid-week students are reminded that every day counts to ensure their assignments don’t pile up. “I feel like we should’ve had Asynchrouns Wednesdays because we need a break throughout the week since returning to in-person learning,” said senior Kevin Romero.
When all is said and done, students recognized that Wednesdays gave them a chance to reflect on how their workability was impacted by their mental health. They used the knowledge gained during a time of unfortunate events to make the best of their situation. With that said, the student can honestly say they wish for Asynchronous Days to make a grand return once and for all.