Online or In-Person: The Pandemic Of Shopping


E-Commerce or In-Commerce: The value of the easy accessibility of online shopping compared to the real physicality of in-person shopping continues to be a hot debate among North Atlanta students.

The world wide web is a wonderful place, with so, SO many different things to do. Most teenage girls have one thing in common, no matter their style, where they shop, or how they shop. Finding new clothes is basically vital to existence. So, the big question is: what is the best way to shop? From the comfort of your own bed? Or the luxury of a mall? Wait or be waited on?

In the past year, online shopping practices have exploded, and today, more than $740 billion of sales have been generated through a need for ever-changing lifestyles. The number of robotic interactions instead of human to human communication is growing. “ I love shopping online and in person but most of all online,” said junior Alexandra Golomb. “I greatly enjoy having mysterious packages online. My favorite part is stealing my parents credit card. Furthermore, under a deep analysis, I have decided urban outfitters are the best because I am living an urban lifestyle. I love their chatbox.” 

Amazon is like a beautiful rainforest of treasure, which is why it is the leading company in online sales over the past decade. As the internet grows and grows, the amount of people that prefer online shopping is getting exponentially bigger. The world is your oyster, and the pearls are everywhere. Mobile commerce is a strategy that these companies use to target their consumers interests, and jump at any opportunity to make profit and prosper. This form of shopping has also emerged because of lockdown, as online shopping rates and profits have almost doubled since the beginning of last year. Boredom leads to money spending. “I know online is worse for the environment but it is more fun and convenient,” Aren Burns said. “It’s like a double surprise, once when you order, and again when it arrives!”

The other side of the spectrum is more inclined to appreciate the physicality of real-life shopping. Trying things on, picking through racks of styles, and swiping your card are all thrills of this experience compared to its online counterpart. In-person shopping is all about luxury and experience compared to the click of a button online. “I love shopping,” said sophomore Dylan Toliver. “Especially in person. I love trying things on, it’s like a whole activity, and you will know exactly how it will fit.”

Whether you are scrolling through pictures on the world-wide web, or masking up to venture into the mall, there sure is one misfortune in common with both: overspending. Happy shopping!