Jumping for Jordans: Why Jordans are the Kicks of the Century


Regan Murray

Cool Kid Gear: New school Jordans are taking over the sneaker fashion scene at North Atlanta. Freshmen Viola and Chloe rock the halls in their stylish jumps.

The shoes we wear carry a lot more than our feet, they carry style and the Nike owned shoe brand “Jordans’ ‘ are taking over in this department. Like Apple’s iPhone products, Jordans number their shoes by style. So like the IPhone 11 is different from the IPhone 13, Jordan 1s are different from Jordan 4s. Speaking of, this first generation of Jordans which I’m referring to as the Jordan 1-4s are the most popular in North Atlanta. The cool kids wear Jordans nowadays so what North Atlanta students are showing off theirs? 

Senior Tenai Phillips wears her Jordans to school all the time. She favors the first generation of Jordans and wears them for the style. “Jordans are my go to if I want to be real stylish which I do pretty often,” she said.

Versatility is one of the best qualities Jordans possess. You can remix an entire outfit with a nice pair of Jordans. Meaning a casual fall outfit could instantly become a show stopper paired with Jordans. Senior Sydney Collier is a prime example. “The shoes pull the whole outfit together, especially some Jordan 1s or 4,” she said.

Proving my point while rocking her favorite Jordans, Collier like Phillips,  wears her first generation Jordans to be stylish and it works. Jordans really can be styled in any way but so can other shoes. What’s so special about Jordans comes down to the material and quality. They’re selling out in the markets these days so it can be hard to get a good steal but North Atlanta students are using online resellers like the GOAT app and Stockx to pull those outrageous prices down and bargain on a pair. The prices can range from $200 up to $1,000 for artist-branded editions. Artists like Travis Scott and companies like Ben & Jerry’s have gotten in on the pricey Jordan  act. The history of the GOAT app can be traced back to 2015. It was created in Los Angeles as a sneaker resell platform. It still serves this purpose now with a luxury apparel extension. Stockx on the other hand is also a resale platform but one where bidders do their best bidding. Customers compete for these prized shoes by setting a bid and crossing fingers and toes hoping someone else won’t outbid you. It’s risky but to some it’s the best way to obtain Jordans and other shoes. “I got all my shoes from Stockx but I got lucky,” said sophomore Bryce Murray. “I usually can’t find shoes that I like in my size.” 

Typically guy Jordan fans are all about simplicity or head toe design. Senior Will Walton can go both ways but for him dressing with finesse is something that’s important to him for several reasons. “If my apparel looks good, my day and life is automatically better..it just builds my confidence,” he said. 

Walton comes from a background of fashionable parents, so it is almost destiny he will become the ultimate fashion guru. Watching YouTube videos and searching through online stores on instagram sparked his interest though fashion was in his blood.“I’ve always loved fashion and after gaining knowledge from sites and working on myself, I felt confident enough to wear what I do now,” Walton said. 

Confidence is definitely an accessory of fashion and it’s a trait our warriors embody all day everyday. Big kudos to our warriors rocking Jordans, the real fashion accessory.