Warriors Watch as Netflix Expands Its Horizons With New Shows and Increased Variety


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Binge Mode: Despite mountains of schoolwork, Dubs are finding time to watch the multitude of shows recently added to Netflix. The streaming platform has increased its variety of shows to draw in broader audiences, and the Warriors are thrilled.

For over a decade now, Netflix has been one of the top streaming services for popular movies, shows, and episodic series. The platform has always been home to a number of classics that are available to watch at any time and place. However, multiple additional streaming platforms have emerged over the years as competition to Netflix, including Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Not only have these platforms battled for supremacy through the deals that they offer, but they have also battled in terms of the shows they get to display on their services. There are also certain markets and genres that have become more popular and gained the attention of these companies. Netflix, in particular, has had a noticeable increase in diversity and variety when it comes to its movies and shows. This move has simultaneously made Netflix a higher quality streaming service and widened the audience of those who use the platform. 

Some students now use Netflix more often because of the platform’s introduction of more of the types of shows they are interested in. For example, Netflix has increased its efforts in the Anime genre. “They just added ‘Cowboy Bebop’, and a new season of ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,’ so I’m gonna be watching a lot of Netflix this week,” said junior and avid Anime fan Mya Cadenas.

The streaming service has also introduced many adaptations of already popular media, which has always proved to draw attention. “Arcane” is an example of the videogame “League of Legends”, or “League”, being adapted into a show on Netflix, which was met with overwhelmingly positive reception. “I don’t even know anything about ‘League’ but ‘Arcane’ is insanely good. I actually can’t wait for season two,” said junior Samuel Cantrell.

While Netflix has always had a lot of representation coming from foreign countries, live-action shows with an international setting have been gaining popularity among viewers. This can be seen with examples such as “Alice In Borderland” and the recently successful “Squid Game.” “For something like ‘Alice In Borderland,’ it’s cool to see something different in not only the concept but an entirely different setting,” said junior Layla Reeves.

These are just a few examples of the greater variety in shows that Netflix has been introducing to its platform. The new selections have proven to benefit the streaming service greatly and will continue to do so (hopefully for Netflix) as competition continues to expand their catalog all the same. Whether it is Netflix or some other streaming service that showcases the newest and most popular shows, viewers and consumers are sure to be entertained.