A Very Covid Christmas: Omicron Variant Hinders Holiday Plans


Elizabeth Ackerman

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Covid continues to impact everyone, this time in the form of holiday plans. Due to the new Omicron variant, Dubs have had to reevaluate their holiday plans. Some students, like junior Alexandra Golomb, have been hit right at Christmastime.

After what seems to be a never ending semester, a break to see friends and family, celebrate holiday festivities, and catch up on some z’s can be very enticing to students. Anxiously awaiting some much needed time off, many students countdown the seconds until winter break. However, this year many students’ holidays were spoiled by a present that definitely wasn’t on their wish list: Covid.
Due to the new Omicron variant, Covid cases have spiked across the nation. Thought to be 10-20% more contagious than its predecessor variant Delta, Omicron is spreading at lightning speed. And with the number of people letting their guard down recently, Omicron has been an unwanted guest at many holiday parties this season. “This is hitting us at a very inopportune time,” said infectious disease specialist and vaccinologist Dr. Katherine Poehling.
Unfortunately for many students, the rising rates of Covid spoiled their holiday plans. Whether they tested positive themselves or were just quarantined for exposure, many long-awaited plans and traditions were ruined for NAHS Warriors. Being isolated from friends and family caused them to miss holiday parties, religious services, and other social gatherings. “Since I had Covid, I had to watch my family have breakfast on Christmas from another room,” said junior Alexandra Golomb. “Having to eat alone ruined my holiday morning ritual.”
In hopes that Covid would be calmed down by now due to vaccinations, many people planned trips over the holiday break to visit loved ones they had not seen since the pre-pandemic era. Yet these travel plans were sadly just another cancellation by Omicron waiting to happen. And those who were fortunate enough to make it to their destination were also unfortunate enough to get stuck there. Many countries have strict rules with Covid, prohibiting people from coming or leaving without a negative Covid test result in hand. So if you’re one of the unlucky few who test positive before departure, chances are your stay might be extended a few more days. On the bright side, for some that may mean more time to enjoy their vacation destination. “I tested positive right before leaving Saint Martin,” said freshman Maddie Aferiat. “Having Covid was not fun but at least I was at the beach for my quarantine.”
The effects of Omicron have sadly carried on even after the holiday break. The increase in cases have kept Warriors away from the revered halls of North Atlanta, with students having to learn from home on Zoom for the first week back from break. As cases continue to rise and we begin a new semester online, Covid certainly put a damper on the fun holiday season the Dubs were hoping for.