New Year, New Me: What are the Dubs Aspiring To Do in 2022?


Ella Kaufman

New Year, New Warriors: Dubs are gearing up to start 2022 off strong with various New Year’s resolutions. Junior Logan Kaufman displays his own aspirations he hopes will make him more successful in this new year.

Out with the old, in with the new. As the second semester begins, what is motivating students to make it through the remainder of the school year? Some are heavily impacted by lifestyle influencers, while others aspire to achieve academic successes and athletic accomplishments. Social media is taking over many students’ resolutions, with some looking to their favorite apps to guide them in areas such as healthy eating habits or ideal morning routines for the new year. As COVID-19 continues to impact the daily lives of the Dubs, students are forced to adapt their New Year’s goals to fit an ever-changing environment. 

Leaving 2021 is a concept that many are grateful for, in light of virtual school, transitions to in-person learning, and an exhausting virus that impacted social events, travel, and academics in the past calendar year. Unfortunately, students must continue to adapt to changes due to the virus and evolve their resolutions to fit the new year. “Although it has been difficult to get outside and move my body in the past year, I am making it a priority to exercise 3-5 days a week in the safest way possible,” said junior Macy Margulius. “Walking outside, daily yoga, and cardio are some of the best ways to motivate me to achieve my goals.” 

Influencers are the new celebrities, and they are filling our screens with fresh trends, routines, and habits for the new year. TikTok has risen in popularity throughout 2021, with its broad reach allowing students to get creative with their goals or follow daily challenges on the app. Others look to Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration, using aesthetic images to create a vision board for 2022. “I’m looking forward to using my phone to benefit myself this year,” said senior Nneka Otuonye. “From the ability to find job openings, exercise routines, or book recommendations, the opportunities for inspiration are endless.”

Other students aim to make disconnecting from their phones a crucial part of their daily routines. While there exists the prominence of social media influence in crafting goals, some students hope to use their own resources to get their priorities in line. Journaling, reading, and daily meditation are holistic goals that can be used to center students in their mental health. “I am making it a resolution in the new year to avoid going on my phone for the first hour of my day,” said senior Anna Yoder. “I am also getting more invested in daily bible study and journaling to boost my mood and improve my motivation on the daily.”

Students are faced with a diverse range of resolutions as they enter 2022, with some looking forward to prioritizing their mental health and wellbeing, while others work toward developing personal skills as they complete the school year. Despite the uncertainties that 2022 brings, the Dubs know that showing their NAHS spirit will always be their top New Year’s resolution.