“Long Story Short”: Taylor Swift is “The 1”


Ready for Red: Devoted Swifties around the school are ecstatic for the release of the pop sensation’s re-recording of her album Red.

Taylor Swift: the woman that transformed the music industry. Some would say that Taylor Swift is the most influential and spectacular artist of this century, and recently Swifties united to discuss what could possibly hint to a re-recording drop in the fall season. The plan to release “Red (Taylor’s Version)” was established and presented to the public a while ago: an early fall release, but new easter eggs are encouraging fans to think otherwise. 

Theories include encoding glitches, putting dates together, morse code, and even clothing choices. With the hopes of the drop of 1989, fans are ecstatic. This is not out of the ordinary for the artist who undoubtedly enjoys dropping hints to her loyal fans. “I think at least one of the theories out there has to be true,” said junior Paige Clayton. “I think it would make a lot of sense to drop 1989. All signs point to this love!” 

Never in their wildest dreams did Swifties expect her to release a song from 1989 before the drop of her other album Red. According to the artist herself, the idea of releasing “Wildest Dreams” earlier than expected was due to the app that we all know and love: TikTok. Once she saw that her old hit was becoming popular once again with an online trend, she decided to shock the system and release the re-recording. She also had an abundance of 1989 themed merchandise for sale on her online store this past summer for no obvious reason. “I predicted this theory back in June because of her merch store. Again, everything is just so exciting. I know it’s coming. Mark my words,” said sophomore and forever Swiftie Chloe Walker.

As with anything, there are two sides to the T-Swizzle spectrum: some Dubs will always prefer her old hits to her new music and do not care about her upcoming projects. “I acknowledge her as an established artist, and I like her music,” said junior Maya Ford. “I prefer her old music more, though, because it takes less effort to listen to and is much more upbeat.”