America’s Golden Girl: The Life and Times of Betty White


Alexis Lubow

Celebrating 100 years of Betty White: One of America’s beloved icons has sadly passed, but not without making her mark on American culture and the world.

“Darling, you were supposed to explore the galaxy, not fill it.”- Betty White

A golden girl in every sense of the word, actress Betty White was widely regarded as the purest heart in Hollywood. White was raised in California, leading a particularly typical life until her radio debut in the early 1940’s. Soon after kick starting a radio career, the host decided to leap into a different path. In 1952, at the age of 30, White co-founded Bandy Productions and spun herself into the world of television. 

In the 70’s, sitcom styled television absorbed the television landscape. In 1973, White became forever tied to this sector of the entertainment industry with her role of Sue Ann Nevens on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show.” This role, as well as starring in “Golden Girls” through the 80s allowed her to become a venerated household name. “I thought that she was wonderful! She was someone I really admired. She had a great sense of humor and was very quick to come up with funny remarks, said “Golden Girl” fanatic and Atlanta resident Gloria Starkman.

In her later years, White became one of the most beloved faces of the industry to date. The actress had a particular love for animals, effectively dedicating her life’s work to helping endangered and abused species. Her youthful light and philanthropic spirit aided commentators to refer to her as an ‘Icon,’ to which she famously remarked: “Well have I got them fooled!”

But, not only was she cherished by her own generation, younger folk appreciated her all in the same, seeing her as someone to look up to, rather than a favorite television character. “I’m a big ‘Golden Girls’ fan and have always loved her not only for that, but I have also learned a ton about what she did for the world, specifically how she advocated for endangered animals and stuff,” said sophomore Peyton Moseley. “She is my queen.”

Take the galaxy into your hands and explore it! Thank you for a century of magic, Betty White!