New Kids on the Block: Warriors Reflect on their First Semester at North Atlanta


New to North: Juniors Khloe Prince and Myla Somersall have been able to enjoy a quick and easy transition to their new schools because of the friends they’ve made.

Have you seen that new kid… or let’s say kids? One of the many wonders of North Atlanta High School is the masses of students that inhabit the building every year. This school year, though, has brought in an increasing rate of new Warriors. With an unofficial number of over 2000 students, this 11 floor building is home to many more Dubs this year. 

For Dubs that have been in APS since elementary school and/or Sutton, many have taken notice of the plethora of new faces this school year. While this may seem exciting for Atlanta Public School veterans, excitement is easy to turn into feelings of anxiety for the other end of the stick, the new students. New Warriors come from a number of places, ranging from the boundaries of Georgia to the much larger scope of other countries. One’s anxiousness of going to a new school can often heavily depend on the remoteness/distance of where a student came from. Transferring to a new school can feel like you’re starting high school all over again. Starting over is an experience that is different for everybody, especially considering the state of a student’s socialiabity. “I lived in Chicago before I went to school here. It was hard at the beginning because I found most people hard to be around and I was unfamiliar with their behavior,” said an anonymous freshman.

Another group of the latest Dubs include those who went through the distinct transfer of private school to public school. The line between public and private schools is thick, but it is growing more ordinary for students to make the journey. With many changes, like the lack of uniforms, requirements, payments, and more, a jump from private to public could prove soothing. “I came from Atlanta International. I feel like I have more freedom and less pressure put on me now that I go to public school,” said Junior Myla Somersall.

However, some new students can actually be labeled returning students. A few familiar faces have returned from their brief disappearance in the district this year and in previous years. Few students went to Sutton Middle School, transferred to a new school, and returned due to extenuating circumstances. These students find it easier to transition into a comfortable lifestyle at a school with people they are used to. “I went to both E. Rivers and Sutton, but went to Langston Hughes my freshman and sophomore year,” says Junior Khloe Prince. ”Coming back this year was relieving as I knew a lot of the Class of ‘23.” 

After a successful first semester in person, it is hopeful that all students are able to label themselves as proud Dubs in the North Atlanta community. It’s the responsibility of APS-oriented students and staff to assist new kids in their efforts to remove themselves from being the new kid on the block. For students just joining us, we’d like to issue you a warm welcome to North Atlanta. Gaining new students is nothing but an asset in such a diverse, neighborly community.