Angelic Yields: The Flip Side to Bathroom Destruction


Maddox Wade

New Trend Alert: Students trying to restore their school’s property have reversed the trend “Devious Licks” into something more positive: Angelic Yields.

North Atlanta has recently been experiencing a wave of bathroom destruction and property theft disguised under the name “devious licks.” This plague of questionable behavior was born on the popular social media app, TikTok. The tables have been turned on the trend in its second surge, by the name of “angelic yields.” Apparently, the new fad is poorly named trends. 

Angelic yields focus on not only repairing what was destroyed or returning what was stolen but also elevating the item to be —shall we say—fancier. For example, the boys’ bathroom, featuring stolen soap dispensers and broken sinks, is turned into a “Gentlemen’s Club,” complete with a carpeted entrance and crosswords in every stall. Although your new additions are likely to be stolen or dismantled in due time, they sure are fun while they last!

So, how does one carry out an Angelic Yield? Step One: identify a problem caused by the epidemic of devious licks. Is your classroom suddenly missing a stapler? Are the bathrooms out of soap? Bingo! Step Two: solve the original problem. Whether it’s replacing the stapler or buying a bottle of soap, these little gestures go a long way in helping the school repair damage from the previous craze. Step Three: think fancy! What can be added to your solution that can make it even better? Maybe you could introduce hand lotion to the laboratories along with the soap or bedazzle your new stapler. When it comes to fancy, the sky’s the limit!

Although a fun and harmless trend—especially in juxtaposition to its predecessor—it seems unrealistic to expect such implementations at North Atlanta. Angelic Yields prove to be both time and monetarily costly with little insurance that your contributions won’t be stolen or maimed. For some reason, our developing brains find much more amusement in destroying things than fixing them. This also means that Dubs can find much more enjoyment in destruction than rehabilitation.

While steep consequences and the trend being banned on Tiktok has stopped the devious licks in their tracks, there are always upsides to such hardships. Perhaps these Angelic Yields are the light at the end of the tunnel for the end of school property damage and a good time on campus.