NAHS Athletic Director Andre Regan Embodies the True Spirit of a Warrior


Jack Stenger

Coach Regan Recognition: NAHS Athletic Director Andre Regan upkeeps a busy schedule and close relationships with many of the NAHS populace to show his unmatched Warrior dedication and spirit.

With North Atlanta’s student population of almost 2,000 individuals, there is a sizable amount of work that needs to be done throughout the day. Someone needs to swing open the wide, glass doors of North Atlanta as swarms of groggy, teenagers mosey into the front foyer. And throughout the day, staff is needed to monitor students as they roam through the hallways to get to their classes. This eight-hour day presents its share of challenges, but with the teachers, staff, and parents of NAHS, those glass doors manage to open every day without cease. From all of the individuals that aid NAHS in being the mighty school it is, there is one highly respected individual who seems to stand out in the crowd: NAHS Athletic Director Andre Regan.

Athletic Directors across most schools in the United States deal with sports-related issues including eligibility, facility maintenance, relationships with booster parents, stakeholders, and renters, culture/brand awareness, and work with student-athletes. Accordingly, Coach Regan recently played a major role in upgrading the practice fields by North Atlanta’s parking deck by converting the once grass field to turf. While the requirements of his job may seem extensive (and they are), Regan handles this never-ending list of responsibilities along with a multitude of other “side jobs” with ease. “Although I am athletic director, I also occasionally work morning duty, lunch duty, and bus duty in the afternoons,” said Regan.

While bus, lunch, and morning duty may not be the highlight of Regan’s day, there are other tasks the NAHS athletic director savors. Throughout the day, Regan interacts with high school students and athletes from seemingly every grade. Regan said, “I most love working with the other coaches and the kids.” 

While there is never a dull or boring moment with a perpetually full calendar, Regan consistently manages to find the time for every student-athlete he comes in contact with. “Coach Regan has really inspired me and helped me to become the person I am today,” said senior Anna Yoder, who works very closely with Regan almost every day. “He has not only assisted me but has also aided so many other students and athletes who attend North Atlanta. Personally, I think this makes him one of the best athletic directors around.” 

Since becoming athletic director of NAHS in 2015, Regan has had a lasting impact on the North Atlanta Warriors. From his advancements in Dubs’ sports teams, to improving the facilities, and, most importantly, to cultivating his relationships with many of the NAHS populace, Regan is someone who shows what it means to be a true Warrior each and every day.