Drink Up: North Atlanta’s Most Vibrant Vending Machine Drinks


Thirst Quencher: From a Mello Yello to a Minute Maid, North Atlanta’s vending machines provide all Dubs with a varying assortment of refreshing beverages to enjoy.

For many students, the vending machines on every other floor are one of the most anticipated things on a typical school day. Despite the brief absence of food-filled vending machines (either removed from its place next to drink machines or left empty and stranded), the Dubs’ persistent desire for a refreshing drink has left others consistently pondering when the machines will be restocked. With over 15 different beverages to choose from school-wide, here are some of the best rated drinks at North Atlanta.

6) Mello Yello Zero

One of the more… least popular drinks. If you’ve ever seen a bright green drink: that’s a Mello Yello. Nothing much to say except this drink is the last resort for most of its consumers.

5) Water

Some Warriors just aren’t for the sugar free only sodas and nutritious fruit drinks. Kicking it old school – or just plain healthy – Dasani, Smart Water, Essentia, and more serve as the beverage of the day for a good portion of vending machine fanatics. 

4) Body Armor

The second healthiest item in the machines can be synonymous to Body Armor. For watchful eyes, it’s common for student athletes to bring down the numbers. “It’s the only thing I buy here,” says junior and Varsity Soccer player Essence Ervin. 

3) Sprite Zero

You either like it or you don’t. Some say it tastes like sprite, while others feel it tastes like carbonated water. Either way, Sprite Zero is readily available in vending machines across campus.

2) Minute Maid

Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, and Fruit Punch: the holy grail for so many Dubs. With good comes some bad, and unfortunately, these three drinks sell out as soon as they come. With a guarantee of being around for about 2 business days, these are only seen for a brief period or two every month. 

1) The Cokes

The only Coke products that can be sold straight from the school are Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Cherry Zero, and Diet Coke. It is common to hear that the two taste the same as the beloved standard Coke, or barely different at all… or maybe North Atlanta just has a lot of healthy Coke fans. These two healthier alternatives of the other 10+ flavors of Coke go hand in hand with students of every grade, on every floor (they are literally on every floor).

Remember, these results are not entirely accurate. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and whatever drink that takes the top spot depends on the tastebuds of the rater. However, what is accurate is that one must not fall victim to the soda switcharoo, albeit rare… but common when there’s only two types of drinks in a 8 foot tall structure.