Some Like It Hot (or Cold): What Weather Do the Warriors Prefer?


Dennis Racket

Snowmiser vs. Heatmiser: Dubs give their input regarding whether they prefer the cold winter months or the humid summer days.

As January commences, the world enters the coldest time of the year, and the students of North Atlanta find themselves having to deal with frosty temperatures. There are multiple activities and benefits that accompany the cold weather and winter months, and some students enjoy them greatly. However, deep into the month of January, some Dubs are starting to miss the glorious perks and activities of the warm summer months. And so the question arises: Are the Warriors team hot or team cold?

Some students prefer the weather that comes with the colder months because they enjoy being able to do things outside without worrying about the heat. “It just feels way better both inside and outside the house when it’s winter,” said junior Elizabeth Browman. “Plus, if you go up North, you can enjoy all the snow.”

However, other students prefer the warmer weather that comes with the summer months. These Dubs enjoy the luxuries only awarded by the summer months of the year. “I like going to the beach or the pool when it’s hot out, or just going outside without having to worry about layering up,” said junior Paige Clayton.

Some appreciate the warmer and colder weather that comes at different times of the year. They don’t have a preference for a specific type of weather. “I like certain things about when it’s warm and certain things about when it’s cool outside. There’s ups and downs to both,” said junior Essence Ervin.

While there are specific benefits during both the warmer and colder months, preferences vary among students. Some enjoy the activities that the warmth presents, and others like the things that the cold weather allows for. Either way, for all the Dubs, there is still the rest of winter to experience before diving into the summer months (or pool, if you will).