A Cause For The Paws: Student Marley Jones’ Efforts to Help Our Furry Friends


Elizabeth Ackerman

Paw-some Project: Junior Marley Jones has helped potential pets at the Fulton County Animal Shelter find a doting home.

Every pet deserves a good, loving home, whether it’s a dog, cat, or any other four-legged companion. Unfortunately, many animals do not have an adoring owner to take care of them. Stuck in shelters or on the streets, they don’t get the nurturing and affection they deserve. Realizing this issue, NAHS junior Marley Jones has channeled her love for canines into philanthropic efforts.
Jones has been a dog lover for as long as she can remember. So when she became aware of the numerous dogs waiting to be adopted at the Fulton County Animal Shelter, an organization advocating for a no-kill shelter community in Atlanta, she wanted to help out in some way. Jones originally started to volunteer at the shelter for her IB MYP project sophomore year. After realizing how much she loves it, she has continued to go regularly ever since. At the shelter, Jones will help out in any way she can. Usually, this includes walking the dogs, playing with them in the playpens, and cleaning the cages. She even teaches them behavioral modifications, including how to sit and not jump on people. “There are a lot of dogs that come into the shelter that have previously been abused so they are very scared and harder to work with,” said Jones. “Although it’s tough, I feel as if I am building a better bond with them while helping their confidence around people and other dogs.”
In order to share with the community some of the precious pups at the shelter that are up for adoption, Jones also runs an Instagram account called @walkingfultoncountysdogs. The pictures and videos she shares of each dog, along with a short caption about them, are posted in hopes that the dogs’ sweet faces will convince followers to take them home. “​​I’ve had many personal interactions with other people because of the dog posts,” said Jones. “People direct message me on Instagram for information about the dogs all the time. I’ve even had one of my own friends adopt a dog from my Instagram page.”
By helping out at the shelter, Jones aims to change the lives of the animals living there. Her ultimate wish is that her efforts will result in every dog and cat belonging to a loving family. Even the smallest of actions, as little as taking the dogs out of their cages and for a quick walk around the block, or sharing a social media post about the shelter, can make an impact. “I enjoy changing the dogs’ lives,” said Jones. “Even if it’s just sleeping with a clean cage or being able to go outside for a couple of minutes.”
Jones is a student on a mission. By working with the Fulton County Animal Services, she has contributed to the adoption of numerous animals. An evident animal lover, she can definitely agree that dogs really are a Dub’s best friend.