Blair Rubinger and Katie Conner: Two Students Going Above and Beyond

A high school student can only be expected to do so much. However, sophomores Kaie Conner and Blair Rubinger seem to be conquering it all. Their outstanding performance in school and in society can go to prove this point. These two sophomores have been named Student of The Year (SOY) candidates of the philanthropic association Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). 

Rubinger and Conner do not yet exceed the status of 15 year old girls, however they excel beyond their years, currently instructing a team of nearly 20 peers to reach a fundraising goal of over $50,000. They are absorbing the lessons and triumphs of the months-long journey in preparation for fundraising, including meeting with and persuading potential corporate sponsors, sending out thousands of emails, and attending weekly meetings with their charity supervisor, Kenedy Meeks. Kenedy says, “Katie and Blair are incredibly capable and I am so excited to see what comes out of all of their hard work.”  

Juniors Tanner Adams and Evelyn Iwanicki passed on their legacy to Conner and Rubinger after leading last year’s team of LLS Warriors, where their team collectively raised more than $100,000. Ever since, these young leaders have tirelessly been setting up their fundraising campaign, holding themselves to high standards. Leading their 17 elected individuals through the set up and process, they intend on reaching–and passing, their $50,000 goal. “It’s definitely been difficult, but in the end it is so rewarding,” Katie said. “I am beyond grateful I have gotten the opportunity to do this.”

The kickoff was Jan. 9 and is set to run through Feb. 26. Each individual that manages to collect $5,000 or more will receive an invitation to the LLS Gala following the fundraising event, a total of 50 volunteer hours for resume building, and a letter of recommendation from LLS. Rubinger and Conner will be rewarded the above, along with a more substantial amount of volunteer hours, and an achievement incomparable to any other. The pair are not alone in their achievements. Their team, including North Atlanta sophomore twins Peyton and Taylor Mosely, are making LLS headway in their fund-raising efforts.  While the team members total will remain undisclosed until the end of the seven week fund-raising period, they say they are gratified to be involved in an organization that’s doing so much good. “We are very proud, and honestly shocked by the sheer amount of money people are willing to donate,” Taylor Mosely said. 

Cancer is a conversation and fear that is held in many families. These LLS Warriors have dedicated their fundraising efforts to family members they know who have been impacted by the dreaded condition. This is why they are working hard as Student of The Year candidates – to bring hope and to honor those they’ve known and loved. As all of the students continue along their seven-week long fund-raising campaigns, they can discern just how much good going “above and beyond” can do.