The Dubs Love the Dawgs: Students Celebrate Incredible National Championship Win


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Dubs n’ Dawgs: Juniors John Gregory and James O’Byrne among other Warriors migrate from Northside Pwky. to Athens to show their support for the Dawgs following UGA’s win in the 2021-22 National Championships.

Here at North Atlanta High School, many of our students bleed both black and silver and red and black. While, of course, the Dubs’ sports teams are #1 in students’ hearts, for most, the Georgia Bulldogs remain a close second. And for those Bulldog-loving students, this year just got a whole lot better. For the first time since 1980 (41 years of heartbreak and disappointment later), the Georgia Bulldogs defeated Alabama and won the 2021 College Football National Championship. Such an incredible end to the season required an equally incredible celebration in none other than the Classic City, itself. With many of our Dubs in attendance, it must have been quite the celebration.

The festivities kicked off with a parade down one of the cities’ main streets. The atmosphere was one of excitement and celebration. Dedicated fans lined the streets (multiple rows deep at some parts). Despite the 40 degree weather, Dawg nation showed up and showed out, cheering loudly as the team drove by. “I’ve been a Georgia fan for my entire life,” said junior John Gregory. “It was so incredible to not only watch the Dawgs win the National Championship, but to also get to experience the celebration in Athens. It was definitely a day I will never forget.”

The parade was not all. After a brief post-parade intermission, the celebration continued between the hedges of Sanford Stadium. Speeches were made, trophies were awarded, championship flags were raised, ecstatic fans cheered. It was truly a glorious day. “My favorite part of the ceremony was hearing Head Coach Kirby Smart speak,” said junior James O’Byrne. “He is, of course, such an integral part of the team so it was just really inspirational to hear him speak.” 

With the Braves winning the World Series, and now the Dawgs winning the National Championship, is it safe to assume that the curse on Georgia sports is over? The Warriors don’t know, one thing is for sure though, our Dawg-loving Dubs are going to ride this wave of victory and celebration all the way into next season. Until next time between the hedges, Go Dubs and Go Dawgs!