Soccer Star Virginia Odom “Scores” D1 College Scholarship


Caroline Edwards

Division I Dub: Junior Virginia Odom wins big with her commitment to play soccer at Florida State University. Congrats to this Dub for becoming a Nole!

Virginia Odom is a junior and star soccer player at North Atlanta. She has just recently announced her commitment to continue her soccer career at one of the nation’s most highly regarded colleges for women’s soccer: Florida State University. With a D1 commitment under her belt, Virginia Odom continues to astonish her peers with her dedicated work ethic, her joyful spirit, and of course, her outstanding soccer skills. 

Getting to a place like the one where Odom is doesn’t come without an immense amount of hard work, dedication, and willingness to give up your life to soccer. “There isn’t a weekend I can remember that I wasn’t playing soccer,” said Odom. “Especially as I get older I’m playing soccer five to seven days a week.” It’s beyond impressive to be so dedicated to a sport and to be so accomplished as Odom at such a young age. But Odom didn’t start at the top. She started at PRUMC when she was about four years old. After moving through a few different soccer clubs as she grew up, Odom found her home at Concorde Fire Soccer Club, with a coach that she adores. 

One can only imagine the huge impact that soccer has had on Odom throughout her childhood. “Soccer has shaped my entire life up to this point,” she said. “It has taught me commitment, perseverance, and sacrifice.” After dedicating essentially all of her formative years to soccer, she is finally seeing all of her hard work pay off. “I’m so happy, excited, and grateful for the opportunity,” said Odom. Her commitment to play Division 1 soccer at FSU is much deserved.

This year, Odom is facing one major setback: a torn ACL. Also known as every athlete’s worst nightmare. To no surprise, this injury was unexpected and beyond devastating for Odom. All she has known for all of her life is soccer, and to have that taken from her caused her unimaginable pain and sadness. But, in the true Dubs spirit, Odom has risen to the challenge and is conquering ACL rehabilitation, one step at a time. This setback will not stop Odom from continuing her soccer career, and she hopes to take the field again in nine months to join her fellow teammates as they embark on their final season together. “While I’m still upset, there are a lot more hard days than good ones,” said Odom. “This is a chance for me to strengthen my legs and a chance for me to work on a lot of parts of my development that I didn’t focus on before.” 

While soccer has been extremely influential in shaping Odom into the person that she is today, it is truly her support system, her family, friends, coaches, and teammates that have been her backbone. “My parents definitely pushed me the hardest to get better and have supported me throughout all of this,” said Odom. “One or both of them have been to almost all of my games and have supported me playing my whole life.”

Odom fully depicts the saying “hard work pays off.” Seeing such true hard work and dedication pay off is gratifying to those around Odom. She embodies the Dubs spirit in her strength and perseverance. As always, Go Dubs (and Go Noles!).