Spike the Football, Pass the Baton: North Atlanta’s Beloved Football and Track and Field Coach Bryce Doe


Catherine Townsend

Get to Know Doe: Coach Bryce Doe has been motivating and inspiring students through his teaching and coaching since his arrival at NAHS in 2019.

If one were to walk through the array of North Atlanta athletic fields during the fall football season or the spring track season, there is one man very likely to be seen and heard: Coach Bryce Doe. From the motivational whispers to the “you better be ready to work today” shouts, Coach Doe’s ever-present stature encourages all athletes to compete until they drop or at least strive to make their one-of-a-kind coach proud. 

In the fall of 2019, Doe became a teacher at North Atlanta, teaching students with autism. He has since also become a major part of the athletic community, offering his expertise as a coach in both track and field during the Spring as well as football during the Fall. For a total of three years, Doe has been Head Coach for both girls and boys sprinters. However, his list of athletic and coaching accomplishments is not limited to the running world. Doe also knows his way around the yards of the football field as head coach for the JV team and coach for Varsity running backs. Long before he developed a passion for coaching, Doe acquired a strong connection to the two sports by participating in them, himself. As a freshman in high school, Doe only competed in football, but as a sophomore, he committed to running for his school’s Track and Field team as well. “At first, I only played football because I thought the older boys were going to be too fast for me, but then I decided to try track out, and I just loved the camaraderie we showed towards each other,” Doe said.

Doe aspires to bring the lessons he learned during his high school days to the coaching of both his beloved sports teams. His goal is to provide ample opportunities for success for his athletes in both track and field and football. Scheduling meets and games, coordinating with parents, and managing equipment are just a few aspects of the job, but by far the most important is instilling motivation and dedication in his athletes. For Doe, the hours upon hours spent with his athletes as they tackle one challenge after another is what makes the coaching experience worthwhile. “Seeing an athlete succeed and be successful at a skill after putting in hard work and dedication is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” he said. 

Doe’s athletes are the first to attest to the demands and diligence Doe expects, but following on the heels of these demands are the smiles and laughter that every athlete encounters while working with this unique coach. “I have only been a part of the Track and Field team for a short period of time, but every time I see Coach Doe or talk to him, my day gets just a little bit better,” said sophomore Avery Braswell, a new Track and Field athlete. 

From his first day in 2019 to the present, Coach Doe has had an amazing impact on both the students he teaches as well as the hundreds of athletes he coaches every day. From the motivational words, to the sweat, and the laughs, the Dubs have nothing but admiration for this Warrior Coach.