Attack on Titan: After a Decade on Air, the Legendary Show Nears Its End


Dennis Racket

The End of an Era: After nearly a decade of airing, the beloved anime show Attack on Titan is coming to an end. Avid fans of the series online and within the NAHS populace are feeling both excited about discovering the conclusion and disappointed that the show is finally at its end.

Attack on Titan is an anime show that has been mainstream and hugely popular within the genre since 2013. Over the course of its nine years, the show has aired four seasons and almost 80 episodes. Throughout its time airing, Attack on Titan has consistently received critical acclaim for its top-of-the-line animation and intricate storyline. The show has inspired many anime fans to interact online, attracting a lot of people that don’t typically watch anime. The first part of the final season initially aired in December 2020 and captivated audiences (as per usual). Just two weeks ago, the second part of the final season started airing. Fans are once again immersed in the show, and the community readily awaits the ending to this legendary story. Online, fans are vocal about the excitement and anticipation surrounding the conclusion; however, there are fanatics dispersed throughout the halls of the 11 stories, as well. 

Some students that watch the show are eager to discover the conclusion of the long-standing storyline but are ultimately torn because they don’t want the series to end. After nine years of airing, the show coming to an end is something that always seemed to be in the distant future. “This feels like the end of an era,” said junior Jalen Jones. “It’s like, after all this time, we’re finally losing a great show.”

Other students can’t wait to see the show come to its conclusion. They just want to know how the story ends. “I have no idea how it’s going to end, so I am just dying to see what happens next,” said junior Derrick Louis.

Like most anime, Attack on Titan’s story is based on manga. While most people only watch the show, some have read the manga to see how the story unfolds. “I already read the manga, so I know how it ends, but it’ll be cool to see it animated,” said sophomore Brooke Robinson.

Whether people are excited to see the conclusion or sad to say farewell to the beloved series, the final season of Attack on Titan is something all fans are sure to watch and experience. Attack on Titan is a long-standing show that has left an impact on many, regardless of being an anime fan or not. The show coming to an end this year is monumental, as it will be regarded from this point forward as a modern classic.