IB Dubs Helping Future IB Dubs: NAHS Juniors Mentor Jackson Elementary Fifth Graders


Elizabeth Ackerman

Warriors Helping Jaguars: NAHS juniors travel to Warren T. Jackson Elementary School to help fifth graders with their Exhibition Projects, and offer their assistance and advice.

Most North Atlanta students began their days in the International Baccalaureate Programme as elementary school pupils. And now with hundreds of junior and senior students participating in the IB Diploma and Career Programmes, IB continues to be an integral part of the culture of North Atlanta. One specific program in the junior IB class has proved this, allowing for select students to connect back to their IB roots by helping out Warren T. Jackson Elementary School students.
Every Friday morning, thirteen junior Warriors make their way over to the Jackson Elementary fifth grade classes. Serving as their mentor, they will help these young students with the first significant project experience in IB: the Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition Project. Taking it back to the good old days, the PYP veteran Dubs are lending a hand to the fifth grade IB newcomers. “I remember doing my own exhibition project in fifth grade,” said junior mentor Vaughan Pyron. “So it’s cool to now be the one leading students through it.”
All of the members are in the rigorous IB Diploma Programme and are considered IB pros. However, they each had their own humble beginnings in the IB program as young fifth graders. Participating in this mentorship program lets the most experienced IB students help out the elementary schoolers who will be in their shoes in just a mere six years. “I love seeing their progress each week and being able to help them work towards their final product,” said junior Ava Geller.
From answering questions to guiding research, these Dubs use their years of experience to support the young students. The PYP Exhibition Project entails lots of extensive research, planning, and investigation that the young students may not be familiar with. This is where the North Atlanta students come in, using their accomplished research skills to lead the students and keep them on track. “Mentors are helping the students research their topics and key concept aligned questions,” said IB Coordinator Danielle Costarides. “After the research portion is done, the mentors will help students brainstorm and plan reasonable action they can take in the community.”
The mentorship program will not only benefit both groups of students in their abilities and collaboration, but also create a relationship between the fifth graders and their high school counterparts. Hopefully, the young students will look up to the exemplary high schoolers and aspire to be as splendid of students as they are. Although the PYP Exhibition Project might seem like a daunting task to the young Jackson students, the North Atlanta Warriors have plenty of expertise to help them through it.