Valentine’s Day Essentials: The Gifts That Have Our Heart This Year


Dennis Racket

Spread the Love: Juniors Tanner Adams and Caroline Edwards give their do’s and don’ts on Valentines Day gift-giving.


Love is in the air! Or is it? Whether or not you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day celebrating that special someone or trying to woo a new boo, it all comes down to your gift-giving abilities, oh and, of course, your personality, too. For your convenience (you’re welcome), we have provided the students of NAHS with a 100% certified (not at all biased nor opinion-based) ranking of Valentine’s Day gifts.


  1. Stuffed Animals

Let’s all agree to please refrain from ever purchasing stuffed animals as a gift. While a teddy bear may have been a cute present from your parents when you were four, we have all grown up since then and moved on to bigger and better gifts. Might we suggest literally anything else as a gift? Honestly, you might be better off giving your bae the money that you would’ve spent on the stuffed animal, instead of the actual furry friend. 

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a classic. Available at almost any grocery store, they are easy to grab and can be relatively inexpensive. However, they tend to satisfy a more mature crowd than most of the students who roam our high school halls. Not to mention, flowers would definitely not survive a ride on the North Atlanta elevators. The only thing worse than being gifted smushed flowers on Valentine’s Day is being gifted a stuffed animal (see number 5 for why this is a huge mistake). 

  1. Jewelry

Gifting jewelry to that special someone on Valentine’s Day can go one of two ways: you could pick out a beautiful piece of jewelry that your significant other would love, but (more likely) you might hand select a piece that isn’t—how should we say this—quite the style of your significant other? And we would hate to see your jewelry gift go to waste. So, if you’re thinking about buying jewelry for your significant other, proceed with caution. 

  1. Candy/Chocolate

Another classic, candy/chocolate, is a great and relatively safe gift option. Whether it’s a box of chocolates or candies with messages of love inscribed on them, you really can’t go wrong. The chocolate will be melting in your boo’s mouth while you melt their heart. Also, who doesn’t like chocolate? And if you’re with someone who doesn’t like chocolate (red flag), we think the gift you should be giving them this Valentine’s Day is a breakup text.

  1. Chicken Mini Heart from Chick-fil-A

Ready to wow your gal… or guy? The chicken mini heart from Chick-fil-A is the way to do it. They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and we could not agree more. Not to mention, chicken minis are arguably the very best thing that Chick-fil-A has to offer, and your bae deserves nothing less than the best on this special day. 


And there you have it, saving you from heartbreak, one Valentine’s Day gift at a time. And if your special someone doesn’t like their gift, don’t @ us. See you next time! 

XOXO, your favorite NAHS rankers (Shug and Bam Bam)