Diving into Excellence: Olivia Granot Competes in States


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Granot’s Greatness: Sophomore Olivia Granot recently competed in States for her excellent diving.

The diving board: typically standing at 3 meters above the glistening, blue water of a swimming pool, it taunts and pleads for the swimmers below to come bound and leap off of its powerful, rectangular board. The lure of the diving board is the exact appeal that claimed Olivia Granot’s fascination with diving all those years ago. From the youthful age of eight years old, Granot has been a frequent flier off the diving board. Showing off her twists and turns in summer past at her neighborhood pool, her passion for diving blossomed.

In addition to diving, Granot was once a competitive cheerleader when she showcased her abilities to flip and twist in the air without the aid of a bouncing board. The technique used in competitive cheerleading is similar to the technique implemented in diving, which has aided Granot through her diving experience. Granot said, “The background I had in competitive cheerleading undoubtedly bolstered my ability to comprehend and achieve different techniques in order to complete different flips.” 

Undeniably, the background Granot holds in competitive cheerleading assisted her in qualifying for States. Even with her impressive background, qualifying for State required hours of hard work and dedication. The commitment needed to start well before the district meet with practices occurring every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and lasting from 6:30 to 8:30. To qualify for state, divers must perform a difficulty level of 11.5 and earn a minimum score of 190. After all of the determination and effort, she ended with a final score of 202, achieving much higher than the necessary qualifications for State. Beyond her impressive score, Granot is also the second-ever APS female diver qualifier for state, the first-ever State qualifier who does not dive year-round, and the NAHS girls record holder for diving. As a result of her devotion to diving, Granot is breaking barriers and accomplishing goals left and right. 

Although Granot is ecstatic about qualifying for State, there are always some nerves involved. She said, “I am both nervous and excited for State. The majority of the divers I will be competing against are Junior Olympic level, but this gives me an opportunity to push myself and succeed. Also, I am thrilled to be able to represent APS and North Atlanta.”  

Besides the obvious highlight of qualifying for State, Granot has loved spending time with her fellow teammates as many new additions were added to the team this year. Likewise, her teammates feel she is such an incredible member of the team. Dive captain, Sara Roman, said, “Olivia and I have been on the dive team together since 8th grade, and it’s amazing to see how much we have all progressed. I am thrilled that Olivia is going to the States and can’t wait to see how she does.”  

On Feb. 3, 2022, Granot had completed the State meet and placed 43rd out of a field of 65 plus competitors. This amazing performance not only solidified her as the 2nd female diver in APS history to go to State but a true competitor in the minds of Warriors alike. As Granot continues to exceed expectations and raise the bar for the next generation of NAHS divers, the Warriors of North Atlanta will be behind her the whole way. Go Dubs!