Bones or No Bones?: TikTok’s Favorite Furry Friend


Maddox Wade

Navigating the Day with Noodle: TikTok star, Noodle the Pug, determines the days of his loyal followers with one movement: staying up or slumping down.

There are many superstitions used to determine one’s luck for the day: from waking up on the wrong side of the bed or walking under a ladder, to opening an umbrella indoors. A new oracle has emerged to forecast your day. Noodle the Pug has come to chase away the black cats that bring bad luck. Much like the weatherman, noodle (unenthusiastically) is up bright and (not so) early every day to tell you how to handle the day ahead.

The premise of the trend involves Noodle’s readiness to begin the day. Every morning, the pug’s owner, Jonathon Graziano, wakes him up with belly rubs. After Noodle regretfully greets the day, Graziano gently picks him up and sets him in a sitting position atop his bed. Graziano then releases his grip on Noodle—and here comes the crucial bit—if Noodle remains sitting up it is deemed a Bones Day, if he plops right back down into bed, we are doomed to a No Bones Day.

So, Bones or No Bones, what’s the big deal? Bones Days are predestined to be good. You can expect clear skies with the occasional rain shower of luck. The fluctuating variable can be found on No Bones Days. Depending on the severity of Noodle’s descent down to bed, Graziano interprets Noodle’s command per diem. Some No Bones Days mean to treat yourself, don’t shy away from that extra purchase that will bring a smile, while others order an immediate return to bed. No Bones Days are not inherently bad, they just require extra patience to meet the demands of the day.

Noodle’s rise to fame can be compared to no other. Since the birth of the trend in August, Noodle’s ever-present pout has been featured daily alongside Graziano’s cheery smile on almost every Tik Tok user’s For You Page. Each video featuring the K-9 receives millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes, as his account nears 5 million followers. The pug’s popularity has not been limited to the fifteen second constraint of a Tik Tok video, he has also been featured in articles by People, CNN, The New York Times, and even went as far as a guest appearance on the Today Show. Viewers were able to witness a live reckoning of the outcome of the day as Noodle sat proudly in his seat subsequently to the interruption of his morning slumber. 

No matter the outcome of the forecast, Noodle’s fans are never disappointed. Even the consequences of a No Bones Day can be combated by the joy brought about by the pug’s grumpy face and sweet disposition.