The Way To Walk: Protests Call for APS Sidewalks


Alexis Lubow

Sidewalks for Safety: Recent protests call for the development of sidewalks along Northside Pkwy. to promote safety for students walking and waiting by the bus stops.

As the Dubs make their daily commute to and from school, there are various methods of transportation that are involved. Whether that be a bus, car, or even walking, it is important to make sure however you choose to get to school is accomplished in a safe manner. It has recently been brought to the attention of many Dubs that our community is missing a crucial factor to ensure the safety of our students’ commute to school: sidewalks.

Without sidewalks, students have to endure uncomfortable and potentially dangerous commutes. The walk down the carpool line and to the Marta bus is not especially safe as they have to walk in the road to get to their mode of transportation. Even more dangerous is walking all the way home along a sidewalk-less road. 

Students at the school of North Atlanta have recently taken this issue into their own hands. The Dubs have been raising awareness about this pressing issue and bringing more attention to the problem at hand. Leaving school you may even come across the large signs posted outside on the benches with various memos to help raise awareness such as “Sidewalks!” and “We need sidewalks!”

Fortunately, there are even more ways to aid the cause and secure safety for our pedestrian-bound student body. Students can also raise their concerns to the city of Atlanta. At the end of the day, this issue, like others, falls back to the funding allocation of the city in total. For years at the Marta bus stop across from our 11 stories, there was a single folding chair resting upon a patch of dirt for the bus riders to collectively share while waiting for the bus to get home. No shelter for inclement weather, no bench to rest on, and no care for the students that long for and deserve help. A budget of $150 million was allocated to the building and rectification of our campus, but yet, there was no regard for those who can’t drive to school. It is important we continue with our best efforts to work toward achieving this goal. 

Our Dubs deserve the best. We need sidewalks!